How You Can Cure Your Acne Starting Now!

Acne isn’t fun for anybody. You probably spend more than what you’d consider a fair share amount of time trying to keep your face clear. The amount of money spent on skin products that are supposed to keep us acne free will astound you. Sadly, for some of us, acne problems do not always go away with when we are done with puberty. Some people spend their whole life battling acne and pimples. If you are tired of dealing with pimples and bad skin, here are some things you can try to help clear things up.

You need to keep your sheets, blankets and especially your pillowcases as clean as possible. For some people, keeping their blankets and sheets and pillowcases clean is not a priority. If you are constantly experiencing breakouts, try not to be one of these people. You will want to wash your linens, especially your pillowcases every few day or two. Keeping your linens clean is the best way to help you make sure that your face stays clean while you are sleeping. Don’t wear dirty pajamas or clothing. A breakout can be caused by something as seemingly safe as wearing a day old t-shirt or night shirt. If you wear makeup regularly try switching brands to something lighter or simply wearing less of it each day. Choose a base or foundation that is enhanced with sunscreen so you only have to apply one product. You might even choose makeup that is made with minerals included so that the products help your skin instead of simply clogging it. Do not run for the cheapest makeup available. Wear your makeup lightly. You want to wear the lightest amount of makeup that you can get away with. Don’t freak out, you’ll still be beautiful if you cut back on the makeup that you slather on! It is incredibly important for the health of your skin that you go to bed with a clean (and makeup free) face. Acne breakouts almost always follow a night spent sleeping in your makeup.

Keep your hands away from breakouts that do happen. Never squeeze or pick at zits. Leaving your acne alone is always the best idea. Cleaning your face-even when you are broken out-is perfectly acceptable but keep those fingers off of your acne the rest of the time! Yes they will take a few days to heal naturally. What would you rather deal with? A pimple on your face for a couple of days or a pimple scar for the rest of your life? There are a lot of different causes of acne. You need to remind yourself that you are not alone with your acne issues–everyone deals with some form of acne or other. Acne does not discriminate against age: everyone suffers from it at some point. There are all sorts of cures and aids to help people fight against a breakout or acne problem. A store bought cleanser might be all you need to fix your breakout. A dermatologist’s help might be needed to treat your skin issues. Keep at it and you’ll find a cure!