HR Practices and HR Policies use for Human Resource Development Strategies and System


All organizations have human resources. Regardless of the size of an organization or the extent of its resources, the organization survives — and thrives — because of the capabilities and performance of its people. The activities to maximize those capabilities are necessary no matter whether the organization refers to them as Human Resource Management, Human Resource Development or Human Resources. Thus, members of organizations, regardless of size or resources, will benefit from using the resources referenced from this topic.

Community of Human Resource Management (CHRM) is such an HR platform that focuses especially on free, online and practical information that visitors can quickly apply. It’s a Portal for HR Practitioners, Consultants and Management Students seeking information on Human Resource Development related topics and a place for sharing ideas, best practices and solutions within the human resource community.  Simply put, you can search, interact, and share solutions to your HR related problems with an incredible network of authoritative sources and practicing professionals. It’s easy and fast. enables you to find from your peers a method, a solution, a proven best practice that solves your specific problems when you need it solved.  We offer a steady stream of front-line content that is timely, relevant, and practical and has been validated by practitioners.

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CHRM, HR learning center, concentrates on creating an interactive experience featuring practical, objective and up-to-date insight from leading HR practitioners. From HR Articles, News to discussion Forums everything is there to provide learners with in-depth knowledge regarding HR Strategic Planning, Absenteeism, Attrition and Retention, Capacity Building, Career Planning, HR Case Studies, Change Management, Organizational Best Practice, Staffing and Recruitment Industry, Anger Management – Controlling Practices, Human Resource Strategies, Business Ethics and Corporate Value, Methods of Job Analysis, Employee Engagement, Boss – Employee Relationship, Staff Birthday Policy, Workforce Acquisition, Appraisal Suggestion, Corporate Social Responsibilities, HR Cost Cutting, HR Outsourcing, Compensation & HR Benefits, Salary Component Break Up, Salary Market Trend, etc.

Events at CHRM include; Conferences, seminars, certification, workshops to master various HR topics like Business Etiquettes, HR Communication Strategy, Talent Acquisition, Stress Management, Career Development Planning, Campus Recruitment, Performance Management Techniques, Competency Mapping and Assessment, New HR Policy in India 2011 – 2012 Organizational Reforms, Importance of Human Resource Management, Objectives of HR, Soul of the Organization, Organizational Development, Affairs in the Organization, Personality Development, Temporary and Permanent Staffing, Employee Internal Transfer, Human Resource Planning – Accounting – Development, Importance of Human Resource Management to Functional Managers in an Organization, Domestic & Global HR Practices, HR Information System Management, Functions of HRM, HR Personnel Job Description. HR Process Improvement, HR Balanced Scorecard, HR Job Responsibility etc and expositions for HR executives to network and learn the latest HR developments and trends occurring in organizations today.

You can also find business forms like Relieving Letter Format, Over Night Pink Slips, Balanced Score Card Format & Model, Vacancy Requisition Letter & Format, PF Calculation & PF Challan, Job Confirmation Letter, Job Transfer Letter, Inflation Rate Calculation, Job Posting Format, Standard Offer Letter Format, Staff Performance Appraisal Template, Pay Slip, Standard Appointment Letter, Cover & Application Letter, and other HR Letter Formats on CHRM.

It also has level of expertise in providing Short Term & Long Term HR Courses, Famous HR Books and Reviews, Counseling, Tips and Techniques for HR Outsourcing, Assessment of Training, HR Recruitment Software and Applications, Skill Development Training, HR Consulting, HR Resume Sample, Balanced Score Card for Measurement, SAP HR Course, Motivational & Leadership Ideas, Great HR Quotes, Various HR Definitions & Notes, HR Events & Conferences, Strategic Human Resource Management Case Studies, Provident Fund Application Form, SAP HR Jobs, Online MBA Degree in Human Resource Management, HR Consultancy & Agencies, HR Jobs for Freshers & Experience, HR Web Portal & Useful Website Links, Glossary of Common Human Resource Terms, Proven HR Techniques etc.

In the new “collaborative” workplace, an HR Manager wears many more hats than in years past. HR is such a vast umbrella. There is almost no limit to what you can encounter in this role. However, there is also room to expand greatly their professional skills, Spiritual Insights, Knowledge Wisdom, making them an extremely marketable person.

To be successful stewards of the company, HR professionals have to educate themselves and evolve with the workforce, or they will essentially become obsolete. They should be able to adapt to any changes in order not to lose their value as a member of the team.

Therefore one very important task for CHRM as an HR Learning Center is to promote this subject so that people know what they can offer and make use of it! As a matter of fact with the growing popularity of the subject, HR professionals, and other related professionals like career counselors and coaches, will benefit highly from this website.

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