Huang Guangyu: “eagle Electric” Orientation Than Gome Electrical Appliances – Wong Kwong

20, opened the first store. New chain
Brand Fusion Japan Yodobashi, the United States
Best Buy And other international Appliance Retail Giant model 12 days, “Daily
Economic News “From States United States
Electrical equipment was informed that Gome Chairman
Huang Guangyu To launch the second
Home appliance chain Brand “Eagle Electric.” And Gome different, it combines the Japan Yodobashi, Best Buy, and other home appliances

Retailers Model. The first store to be opened in Shenyang on the 20th of this month. “Eagle” word from the headquarters building Gome “Eagle Building.”

Product positioning than Gome Invasive Eagle Huang Guangyu of GOME Electrical Group is directly subordinate to, and Gome company alongside the company. “We have different orientation and Gome.” Eagle Electric Planning Manager Ma Jing said. GOME gives the greatest impression is the “price killer,” but, Eagle Gome electrical appliances than in high-price positioning, it will take experiential, member type, etc.

Sell Mode. Managers and Gome stores are also different, the management experienced by expatriates. Currently the forthcoming opening of 20 stores in Shenyang manager came from Japan.

Eagle Electric Appliance insiders, Eagle Electric is Huang Guangyu original model though, but a blend of the Japan Yodobashi, Best Buy, and other international home appliance retail giant’s style, such as factory maintenance teams aside, set up a specialized maintenance team . “To Eagle Electric have their own characteristics, we specifically investigated executives in Japan and Europe to buy well-known home appliance market.”

Eagle Electric stakeholders also said that Gome not charge slotting allowance issue as complex, but beginning in the purchase price negotiated with the vendor after the sale is no longer collecting the relevant fees.

Nevertheless, Eagle Electric Appliance model or the brand with Gome. “We will also start to use some of Gome resources, including procurement and so on.” Eagle Electric Appliance aspects disclosed.

“Daily Economic News” also learned that the Eagle will use a separate electrical
Logistics System, but also in management will be more simple than Gome, take two-stage management model, which stores from the headquarters to be responsible. The management of Gome stores currently, at least around the office, a two-tier structure of various regions nationwide.

A city of the first expansion
The Eagle Electric Appliance who said, Eagle Electric of large-scale expansion next year, the focus of expansion was concentrated in Beijing, Tianjin, Shanghai and Guangzhou, a city, the total would be around 10. Among them, the second store may choose in Beijing or Shanghai. However, Eagle Electric will expand its target to open stores in three years, all over the capital cities, the total in the 60 or so.

“Eagle Electric Appliance stores like Gome as concentrated in the community will choose the city’s commercial center, such as Shanghai, a city usually open 2 -4 stores.” Jing Ma said, “Peng Run electrical store will be larger, typically 20,000 square meters between -3 million square meters. “

“Daily Economic News” from the Eagle Electric Department was informed that, although the positioning high-end, high-end products but only about 30% of store merchandise, these high-end products will be the starting products and home appliance manufacturers top products main. Most of the other commodities will continue to follow the sales of traditional home appliances, Gome.

Obviously, once the commercial center of Eagle Electric out stores, Gome stores with nearby conflicts. “As more and better services, the traditional home appliance prices higher than GOME.” Peng Run electrical sources SABUNG AYAM