Huge A4 Cards

Semestral break is almost just a week to go and some of my friends are leaving for reasons of sorts – some would graduate ahead of the batch this October, others would transfer to other universities, while still others would go for a vacation out of the country.

However, before dwelling on the thought of parting with my closest friends, I thought that it is good enough to surprise them with memorable keepsakes.

Having no idea in mind on what exactly to give, I went to a bookstore at a mall nearby this morning and browsed through books that tell stories about friendship. I was able to stumble on a very colorful and catchy book that reminded me so much of my college friends. It was perfect! Impressed with it as I scanned further through the pages, I found my way to the counter and paid for the book without even thinking twice.

I didn’t leave the bookstore immediately for I had a strange feeling. I thought then that there must be something lacking with the things I bought. And so I hurriedly got my mini organizer and listed all the possible stuffs to buy – flowers, stuffed toys, key chains, photo frames with our group picture, charmed bracelets. Did I miss anything else?

As I moved towards the card section, I came across these huge A4 cards and they appear to be really attractive. I took some and checked the inside page as well. “These A4 cards must be the ones I lack”, I thought then. I got three nicely-presented A4 cards – two of which were covered with pooh and friends and the other was in plain white with a smiley and had the words “Many Thanks!” The former were to be given to my closest friends as pooh bear is our favorite cartoon character while the latter was intended for my adviser.

I went to the cashier again without any hesitation and paid the three A4 cards. Upon reaching home, I hurriedly wrapped the books I bought and wrote my sincere message for my friends and adviser on the A4 card I bought. I even pasted some of our memorable photos and soon as everything was done; it looked like a scrap book page.

It was good to have those huge A4 cards whose sizes also resemble my great love for my group of friends and signify the gratitude I felt for the countless lessons I’ve learned in school from my adviser.