Human Guardian Class Create (Stunner/PvE/PvP)

Human Guardian Class Build (Stunner/PvE/PvP)

The walking stunner! or Human Guardian lol. This class is exciting to play and has alot of alternatives. This is a potent develop for the human guardian which will leave mobs powerless and frustrate your enemies.

When playing in PvE give each mob a stun and it will make brief function of them and you will not acquire only light scratches. Some of your early stun spells contain Psychic Crash and Charge. A later spell, Rush can paralyze your enemies for 6 seconds. This also wonderful for boss hunting as you can feed them a steady dose of stuns. This is not as effective on larger bosses even though. Soloing is fairly straightforward with this build but high mob leveling celebration grinding is fantastic considering that you can tank and stun just before the mobs can get to the harm dealers.

You have a lot of firepower to dish out some devilish damage. Guardians have alot of buffs that boost your already high strength and boosts your melee harm also. This create has high well being so that you can tank several mobs. Stone Skin will leave you immune to all physical harm for 30 seconds at level 5 leaving mobs and pvpers at wits end. Order Swing can deal devasting blows as it accumulates a percent of your damage and applies it to the next attack for 30 seconds.

In pvp most men and women won’t want to mess with you. You have access to a DoT named Bleeding and you have the ability to send a continuous barage of stuns leaving them helpless. With wonderful offensive power and health you can make quick perform in PvP. And you had greater kill them quickly lol. The factor you have to worry about is your mana pool, its so low and you do not have any true way to replenish it abilities sensible apart from employing pots. The only actual ability is passive and utilizes a certain amount of mana per second to use referred to as Divine. eight% opportunity to absorb 10% of damage dealt to your mana pool. A excellent skill to use on melee based pvp is Crazy Standing, insane attack speed and strong boost in harm dealt! You will only be in a position to do standard essential harm considering that the stats in this create do not have any DEX which is essential for the essential harm increase.

Overall this build and this subclass is entertaining to play with the higher/second stuns you can do. Just keep in mind to go effortless on your mana provide and do not deplete it so rapidly ahead of your mana pot cools down. If you get down pretty low you can use the Drain Blue spell which at level 5 applies 300% of your damage to your enemies mana!

Stat Point Build at Level 99

The suggested spell upgrades:
(Human Knight Tree)

1. Level five: Increases Light Attribute Attack by one hundred% and Light Attribute Defense by 50%. eight% chance of absorbing 10% of the harm dealt as MP.
two. Level 1: Forces the target monster to attack the player. Can only be employed even though in a Celebration.
3. Level 5: Increases the Target’s Strength by 15% for 30 minutes.
4. Level 5: Increases the Physical Defense of the Target’s Armor by 15% for 30 minutes.
5. Level 1: Bargains 60% further harm to the target.
6. Level 5: Increases the Damage of 1-Handed weapons(except Daggers) by 15% for 30 minutes.
7. Level 5: The Shield’s Block Price is elevated by six% for 30 minutes.
8. Level five: For 30 minutes, Psychic Crash has a 25% likelihood of gorgeous the enemy for 3 seconds.
9. Level 5: Hits the target with your Shield to deal one hundred% additional harm, and stuns them for six seconds.
10. Level five: Hits the target with your Shield to deal 200% extra damage, and pushes them back 6 meters.
11. Level five: Deals 80% of the player’s Physical Attack to the target as damage over time each three seconds 9 occasions.
12. Level five: Increases offensive potential by one hundred%, 90% of that is dealt to the target and 80% is dealt to the surrounding enemies inside 6 meters.

The recommended spell upgrades:
(Human Guardian Tree)

1. Level 1: three% enhance in Dagger, One handed sword damage 3% increase to Dagger and A single handed sword damage. Lasts 18 mins.
two. Level five: 15% increase in HP 15% boost to HP. Lasts 30 mins.
three. Level 1: Taunt Nearby monsters will attack you for 10 secs. Use only during Party play.
four. Level five: Paralyze You will charge against an opponent that is 20M from you and Paralyze him for 6 secs.
5. Level 1: five% drop in melee attack five% drop to your opponent’s Physical attack force, if they are within 15M. Lasts 30 secs.
six. Level five: 25% boost in Strength25% boost to your target’s Strength. Lasts 30 mins.
7. Level 1: 120% of your Psyche is applied to the damage you deal.
eight. Level five: 122% enhance in Attack speed, 25% boost in harm. Immobilized for ten secs, 122% enhance to Attack speed, 25% enhance to damage dealt.
9. Level 5: 300% of your damage is applied to your opponent’s Mana.
10. Level 5: six% Harm Accumulation six% of your Harm is accumulated for each and every attack and is applied towards your next attack’s damage. Lasts 30 secs.
11. Level 1: 10% drop in Attack Speed Lowers opponent’s Attack speed by 10%. Lasts 30 secs.
12. Level four: four% increase in likelihood for Crucial 4% enhance to you and your party member’s likelihood for a Essential hit.
13. Level 1: Futile Stun / Root spells Tends to make Stun / Root spells futile for 20 secs.
14. Level 1: 70% enhance to the damage you deal, disables your opponent’s defense.
15. Level five: Futile Physical Harm Physical Damage received is futile for 30 secs.
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