Humor Vs. News: Can An Web Meme Move Politics?

Humor and the news are strange bedfellows. The news, as it had been, is merely a series of details, or at least that is what it is supposed to be. Frequently these details are unpleasant as the old adage that “no news is great news” tends to be true unless you are waiting on news on some thing that is currently terrible is being addressed (ie: a war, monetary crisis, disease, and so on.). By contrast, humor is all about perspective and tweaking details, or simply inventing them, to make them light up in a especially hilarious way.

This all stated, some details are inherently funny. Like an escaped bear rummaging by way of a neighborhood dollar retailer with no injuries to report. This is the sort of quickly hilarious point that we all want to know about. Funny news stories are diverse than what individuals are undertaking when they make the true news funny. Making actual news, stuff with actual-planet implications for big portions of the population, into comedy is a considerably various issue. Pop culture has perpetually reflected the actual events occurring and however it is becoming a lot more and a lot more of a joke seemingly every single time any event takes place. Some people supply unique reprieve from their biting humor when the news stories are about death, war and other troubled places but even these have become open targets for many. A scan of the Onion or the Colbert Report on any offered day would send a person from twenty or thirty years ago into really the tizzy.

Luckily an world wide web meme or some funny video clips really have a healthy location in our public discourse. These items can support move conversations but they can also take some of the heat out of problems, providing everybody a chance to make positive moves. With political discourse seemingly usually at an all time nasty low, humor can help bring some levity to the scenario. It might also articulate someone’s feelings in a way that is newly relatable. Humor can go a long way in generating things seem more comfy and clear than they were when each argument was life and death, and every person’s opinion was set in stone.

The web, with its tweets and funny videos, has made participating in the national dialogue a lot simpler. With every person obtaining a bigger platform, humor usually aids a person’s views travel a lot farther than a single may possibly have expected. It is a valuable communication asset and the greatest chance a standard particular person has of moving the dialogue someplace positive.
Lie Witness News – President George W. Bush Edition

In honor of George W. Bush being our guest we decided to have some exciting by asking individuals on the street about a number of fake things involving the former president. Needless to say, there were some ridiculous responses in our unique W edition of #LieWitnessNews

Alec Baldwin on Playing Donald Trump

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Lie Witness News – President George W. Bush Edition