I Have Completed My eBook Outline, What Next?

After you have elaborated on each topic to your satisfaction, you will have a word processor document that is several pages, if not 40 or 50, long. This is plenty long enough for an E-book. Don’t think you are re-writing the Iliad. If you were you would probably have to charge more than many people would be willing to pay, and still not want to read it. The final step in publishing your E-book is turning it into a PDF. You can use any PDF converting software to do this, and there are many offered free on the market right now. I recommend a program called BullZip. It is free and has many options that allow you some versatility in publishing. It is part of my premier, free publishing software pack on my website as well.

In regard to your writing style, entertaining writing captivates the reader more frequently than not. Ideally you will allow your personality for flow into your E-book so your readers are personally tied to you as much as this media allows. Flowery language and vague parables should be saved for another time. Your E-book should be to the point, brief but thorough, pithy. Feel free and encouraged to include personal stories and testimonies. When possible, involve outside sources in your E-book. It will provide further validation of your message and may expand your own knowledge on the topic.

You should also involve explaining any important intricacies pertaining to your topic. Don’t shy away from providing too much information, as long as you are to the point and don’t beat around the bush. It is easiest to consider writing an E-book as a 2 step process. First, you are going to reveal all that you know about the topic. Then, you are going to bring in additional sources to back up your conclusions, just like in school when you would write a paper.

It is also important that your E-book has homogeneity of thought. That is, you must not contradict yourself in your own E-book! This destroys all of your credibility and creates confusion in the mind of the reader. You are writing this E-book to help educate them on your topic, so if you wreck your own image in their minds, you have totally lost them.

You can even visit online forums to learn how other E-book authors are succeeding, and failing, to draw from them.
Don’t feel as if you are lesser simply because you are having difficulty. We all have difficulty and feel bummed about various things. You simply have to find an avenue that will refocus you. A good kick in the pants never hurt anyone, or maybe, rarely hurt anyone. Rest assured that your final product will be reviewed by a friend with an editor’s eye, or maybe even an editor you hire.

A second and very popular option for you to compile your E-book is to have someone else do it. You can post your E-book job on e-lance, guru or rent-a-coder.com and start reviewing bids right away. This option works best for people who are still working on their primary job and don’t have time to dedicate to compiling and research their own E-book. The advantages are obviously time saved, but also a new look on your topic. The freelancer may come up with an angle or approach on your niche that you hadn’t considered. The freelancer works hard while you are working hard too, on your initial job.