I Just Want Know How to Speed Up My Metabolism

Here’s some good news! If what you want to do is lose weight, you’ve stumbled onto the right article. If what you’ve been trying to find out is, “how to speed up my metabolism” you are in for a treat. For weight loss, the metabolism is where it’s at, and speeding it up is pretty simple.

To begin, here’s a brief definition of what I mean by metabolism. When you eat, your body must do something with the food…and that’s your metabolism. You could rephrase the question “How to speed up my metabolism?”, as “How can my body better use my food?”

In other words, you take in calories whenever you eat something. Your body has to deal with these calories in some way so, if you need some energy they get burned off.  However, if you don’t need any energy at that time, they get stored away as fat.  This is your body’s way of saving up for a “rainy day”.

The exciting thing is, anyone can lose weight.  You must, it’s a scientific given.  All that’s required, is to burn off more calories than you eat.  So by eating less than you’re burning, you are not adding to your stores of fat but actually taking away.

That’s what is meant by metabolism.  It’s a bit like that fairytale, “Goldilocks and the Three Bears” -you have three options. If you eat too much, you will gain weight.  (We think of that as a slow metabolism.) If you eat too little, you will lose weight.  (We think of that as a  fast metabolism.)  But, if you eat just right, you will stay the same and not gain or lose any weight.

In answer to the question, “How to speed up my metabolism?”, we just need to start burning more calories. Easy enough, there’s a couple basic ways to do this. One way, would be to burn off calories by exercising more.  The other is to start eating less or, getting our calories from more “usable” sources.

In the eating less category, we have to be very careful.  It seems counterintuitive, but by eating less we could actually be setting ourselves up for more weight gain.  If you start to eat too little, your body thinks it is starving and will cut back on the energy you consume.  Thus, slowing down your metabolism.

Here is a way you can trick your body. It’s a way to cut back on your calories, while still making your body think you are getting enough. This will ramp everything up into high gear, and kick start your metabolism.

My favorite, is to eat a lot of negative calorie foods. This works!

All food requires a certain amount of calories just for digestion.  If that number is more than the number of calories the food gives your body, it is a negative calorie food.  For example a piece of broccoli (about 25 calories) uses about 80 calories in being digested.  In other words, every time you eat a piece of broccoli you have a net loss of 55 calories! Even better, your body doesn’t cut back on your metabolism because it thinks you’re eating plenty.  You won’t find anything better than that!

In the world of fruits and vegetables, there are quite a few negative calorie options. Work them into your diet – at the same time, pay attention to your portion sizes on your other foods, and start a basic exercise program. And you won’t be able to avoid losing weight.

On my website, there are a lot of interesting articles and more information on negative calorie foods. Check it out, you’ll be glad you did.