Ibiza Implements Unbreakable Glass

If you are ever in a bar fight in Ibiza and a person tries to smash a beer bottle to threaten you, the end outcome may well not be as poor as you believe.

When the bottle makes effect, as an alternative of it getting a deadly weapon, it will stay intact. A Lancashire police officer has lately introduced a new type of beverage container that is virtually unbreakable and unbeatably sensible.

Sgt. Richard Hurt presented the unbreakable glasses to the Club Overall health 2008 conference in Ibiza, an annual international conference on nightlife safety concerns. He explained how the police and the alcohol business can function with each other to lessen violent crime utilizing the technology. Representatives from a lot of nations about the globe have been impressed by Lancashire’s finest. In particular, Australia, Sweden and Ireland were interested in the unbreakable drink holders and presented some of their personal nightlife security tips at the conference.

Produced of polycarbonate, the new glass comes in nearly each shape and size that a pub or club utilizes, but they can not be broken and used as a weapon. This has already drastically reduced the quantity of glass-connected crimes in Lancashire. They have also prevented a lot of glass-connected accidents, which is also a significant problem in bars.

Even long-stemmed wine glasses and beer bottles have been produced from the polycarbonate material. The unbreakable glasses appear and really feel like standard glasses, even though they are a bit lighter. They also preserve beverages colder for a longer period of time, which keeps patrons content when they are playing darts and have to leave their drink alone for a small although.

Sgt. Hurt was invited by Club Overall health because of the lower in violent crime and accidents in Lancashire. Though the trip was a accomplishment, it didn’t come without criticism. Several in England criticized the use of funds to send an officer on a 3 day trip to the celebration capital of the world. Although he was there on company, Hurt sampled the neighborhood restaurants and was taken to San Antonio to have a private view of the Ibiza sunset.

He also was treated to a night at Privilege, considered the world’s biggest nightclub. A government official in a neighbouring community pointed out that ten % less crimes are being solved in Lancashire and there are thirty % less officers on the beat. Other critics known as the trip a ‘jolly’ – or in other words a trip motivated by leisure, saying that any individual wanting the knowledge of British police need to come to Britain, not the other way around. Several taxpayers and officials point to more than-stretched funds as an argument against the validity of the trip.

No matter whether the trip was a excellent use of public funds or not is debatable, but it is certain that both Ibiza and Lancashire will advantage from the info transaction. By utilizing polycarbonate glasses, Ibiza can help ensure the security of its inhabitants and guests. Particularly in Ibiza, an island full of sun and heat, where tempers flare simply because of alcohol and climate, unbreakable beer, wine and liquor glasses hold partygoers secure. The youthful party capital of the world is trailblazing innovations in public security.


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