Ideas For A Retro-Themed Hen Night

A hen party is an event usually organized by the bridesmaids in honor of the bride-to-be. This type of celebration has become very popular in the past few years because, apart from constituting a replica to the men’s bachelor’s bash, it also gives the wedding party a chance to relax and de-stress before the actual event.

Choosing the theme of a hen night can be tricky, as this is the element that can take the party from “good” to “the best you’ve ever been to”. Whatever you choose, make sure the theme matches the personality and tastes of the future bride, as she is the central character. One idea that seems to be enjoyed by a great variety of people is that of a retro celebration, inspired from whichever period seems more appropriate.

For instance, if she is a modern woman, with a libertine way of thinking and feminist views, a very good idea would be to organize a “flapper” party in her honor. As we all know, the 20’s were a period of liberation for women and that could be seen in every aspect of their life, from their fashion sense to the way they spent the evenings. In order to recreate that atmosphere, you could rent a room in a classy caf or bar and hold your party there, with jazz music and cigarettes for everyone.

Should the bride be more of a rocker chick, you might be better off organizing a rock ‘n’ roll party, reminding everyone of the 50’s, as the time when it all began. Decorate the place with old Hollywood posters and play some good old Elvis Presley and Chuck Berry. Encourage all the invites to dress in poodle skirts and cardigans or t-shirts, and don’t forget the ponytails.

If you prefer to emulate a more recent era with your bachelorette bash, consider throwing a 70’s party. Go for a disco theme, as this will ensure lots of fun and dancing. Decorating the room for such an event is pretty easy, as you will only need a few basic items: a disco ball, some strobe lights and posters from that age. As for the dress code, the more glittery, the better!

Finally, remember that the most important thing when planning a hen night is for everyone to have fun. Make sure everything is according to the bride’s preferences and invite all of her best friends; after all, it’s her party and she might as well have fun!
Sabung Ayam
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