Ideas On How To Get Your Ex Boyfriend Back

Why did Elle Woods in Legally Blonde lose her boyfriend? She was a hot blonde with flat abs, a sorority president with a 4.0 GPA, and she was a rich home coming Queen who lived in the same block as Aaron Spelling. The answer, because her boyfriend was a loser. After becoming a Harvard law sweetheart thought with real Brains to match, she won him back, only she did not want him any more. But what if you want to give it a second chance? Here’s how to get your ex boyfriend back.

Cry it all out

Before you even think of getting back your ex-boyfriend, which is a little tough since you are dealing with a man, make sure your mind is at ease. So after all of the fighting and cheating claims and what not, please cry as much as you can to get rid of your pathetic mood. Men don’t like it when girls act feeble and too needy all of the time. They mostly want a little bit of a challenge and they desire ladies who are powerful beneath those sweet loving maternal instincts.

Get a life

As formerly mentioned, men do not like women who are too conditional on them and emotionally attached. The final rule on how to get your ex boyfriend back is by having your own schedule and your own goals. Show him that his absence isn’t the end of the Earth for you. Go out with your buddies and bop the night away. Get at least 3 hot guys to buy you a cocktail. Enjoy your single life for an instant and discover your self-worth. Before you know it word will have spread out and your ex will realize he’s’s missing something.

Get a pseudo date

For sure your chums have buddies who also have hot mates, so mind you, a part of this plot is finding a good-looking date. You don’t need to build a new relationship or have random sex with a stranger, just get to know someone and make a pal. But of course it still has to look like a date. Take note, no one’s getting even here. You want to find out how much you really want your ex if you get to compare him to other blokes. Besides, men love nothing less than a competition. If he sees you with someone else, he’ll totally want you back. You are his own to take care of. He wants to accompany you, drive for you, take you to dates, and be the one to make you satisfied.

Befriend your ex.

After step three, you may have a meeting with you ex boyfriend who’s probably considering by this point as to how he should approach you and convince you to give your love life a second chance. Don’t be mean to him and don’t act like you’re too avid either. But be nice to him and befriend him. Ask him how he is and show him that even if you’re not together any more you continue to care like the genuine chick that you are . Understanding that you do not harbour ill feelings will show him that you’re mature and worth running after for all over again.

Charm your boyfriend-to-be-again.

If he finally asserts he wants you back let him know you do not know if it’s’s gonna work out. Then tell him you wanna give it a try but slowly this time. Wow, he is’s Gonna be a suitor all over again after that. Lucky you, you are such a charmer, now’s the chance to be a hot couple on a date again. And while you’re at it show him that you’ve got a got a ticket. Just because you like him, doesn’t suggest you’re not worth any effort. Now that you’ve conquered the rules on how to get your ex boyfriend back, learn how to make him stick around for good.
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Da Chick – Chick-A-Boom (Official Video)

“Chick-A-Boom”‘ is the latest single from ‘Chick to Chick’, the debut album by Da Chick. Music produced by Cut Slack.
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