Identification Cards And More Cards To Upgrade And Usher In A New Growth Period-one Ic Card – Smart

HC Network Security? Exclusive report Recently I discovered that the smart card upgrade or functional unity News Endless: Shenzhen this year, will explore the financial cards and Social Security Medicare card interface; this year will greatly promote the Bank of Shanxi IC Card Replace the magnetic stripe card; Ningbo City dual interface smart card financial IC with electronic wallet functionality, currently in Bus As well as commercial and service industries more than 10 applications of 70 businessmen. Meanwhile, in the just-concluded Asian smart card development, the multi-function integrated innovation has become the Exhibition The one bright spot. From this, IC kadoka convergence of unity is the general trend.

China’s IC card industries and applications from scratch, from small to large, rapidly passed the start-up phase, the speed of development is staggering. Especially in recent years, China’s annual card Liangjun over 100 million, has become Card Application of the fastest growing countries, and at extreme speed penetration into various sectors and fields. Specific functions of the IC card has covered China’s financial, telecommunications, social security, taxation, public security, Traffic , Construction and public utilities, petrochemical, organization code management and other fields, change the way people follow the method of payment in cash over the years, greatly facilitate the people’s life and improve efficiency.

Smart cards as identification of the types of cards, more and more loved by the public. It is embedded in the micro-chip card Plastic Card (usually a credit card size) of the known. The main principle is to rely on RFID chips embedded in people save money with the card, account number and other information, when in use and reader without any physical contact are able to identify the cardholder. Because there is no direct contact, thus greatly improving the confidentiality of personal information. Include a contactless smart card cryptographic logic IC card and contactless CPU card. Prior to this, Magnetic Card , Because of its simple structure, storage capacity is small, poor security, as the seventies and eighties technological level of products has passed their prime, face off, a large number of applications, the current ID card is also facing gradually be replaced.

Smart card development at an alarming rate, and the country’s rapid economic development and rapid population expansion of a great relationship. The industry issued a payment function IC card is full of life, all areas of production, different industries are not compatible IC card is not only a waste of social resources, is precisely contrary to the concept of low-carbon life. Card over the same time many species, but also cause inconvenience to the public life, a lot of unnecessary waste of time. Mr. Wang told the public in an interview the author, buy a home to purchase electricity from natural gas to buy water on the three cards, and sometimes worry there will be a wrong situation. The examples of this are vast. Meanwhile, the contactless identification cards so that people feel increasingly unsafe. More and more criminals using their own card reader made very easy self-help can copy the contents of bank identification card users. A friend once told the author, took his key card to go with the place, not how much money you can master with a ID card. See, we have to worry about, identification cards are not smart, but rather an opportunity to bring criminals. Based on these factors, demand and multi-card-one card needs to improve the safety performance also emerged. The integration of smart cards can be said is inevitable, and it is driven by market demand.

However, the smart card in the integration of the wave of this transformation, ultimately, technological progress and national policy support. Improve the core technology, how to make smart card in the information security improvements that have more essential. In my view, the first CPU to vigorously promote the non-contact smart card applications, so that the cardholder information and card reader minimal contact with the key level recognition systems improve, this will maximize the information to avoid copying by others at the same time, banks want to upgrade card systems, but this will rise to the second question, that system upgrade costs will inevitably increase to do cards, requiring countries through policy support, encourage banks to upgrade and take part of the cost, Only in this way contribute to the smart card system upgrades and integration.

For the integration of resources, to avoid multi-card brings trouble to the people, low-level recognition system upgrade and the “multi-card-one, a multi-purpose card” has become the inevitable trend of development, market demand and social development is also required . If a small card can be set city bus, subway, taxis, hospitals, entertainment and other places of payment needs, so is the number of lives, the true realization of low-carbon life. Fortunately, many of the city’s municipal bus card has been or is being achieved in many fields of credit card payment service. One more card has quietly come of age, people have been able to enjoy the “one card in hand, worry-free living” digital life. Watchdata System Co., Ltd. Mr. Gao Xiang, vice president, had said in an interview, the state of products in the cards industry guidance, have long since recognized this trend more than card-one. The card can only be called in the past, now carries it to make payment. But this trend is “the future is bright, the road is tortuous,” because many card-one involved in a lot of partners, stakeholders, need to balance and coordination. (Source: HC Security Network Author: entropy)

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