If He Were Our Leader

I am not going to argue and tinker with whether Presidential candidate Barrack Obama, would make a suitable choice for the US Presidency. I will leave that to the news programs and sports bar debates. As I stand here in my living room I ask myself, just what does it mean to be the real deal, as far as a political candidate is concerned.? To me the real deal is part honesty, venerability, education, work force experience, desire, compassion, commitment… well you get the idea. In this mix I place Mr. Obama, without a prepared speech, with no advisors, no cameras, no friends and family about…..just me and him. I am impressed by this slight figure of a man, whose keen mind and sense of the times, gives me reason to pause in my overall assessment of him. Here is a relatively young man who seeks this nations highest office. Here is a person, not steeped in Washington cliques.

The multiracial Obama brings a dynamic that US politics has not seen before. Try as we may it doesn’t seem as if he is going to walk away from this election. He really wants to lead this nation. Real Deal or crowd appeal? Maybe both, maybe not.

So let’s decide real deal or not? You will find your own answers, based on your own mind set. I find my answers based on my sense of this candidate. I have no doubt that he is the real deal and has an excellent chance of winning the primaries. Iowa, showed me that perhaps there is a subtle change going on already in this country. Our neighbors in Iowa voted for the best possible candidate and let the nation and the world know that they are more concerned with the quality of the candidate, not his ethnic background.