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Thailand is a single of most stunning tourist destination in eastern Asia that attracts millions of tourists each year especially from Europe and Americas. Thailand is attractive destination because of a lot of motives from them some of typical causes are its temperature and climate which stay all the year identical and hot, beautiful beaches and sea life. Thailand’s rainy season, monsoons, comes in July and finish in November. This is followed by a dried up, cool period from November to mid-February, followed by tremendously larger comparative temperatures from March to June.

When a foreigner/outsider comes to Thailand, and then tends to overlook that they must have income more than and more than the “slow period” which is April to November. It is not easy at the present when you think of say Pattaya with more than thousands bars and Chiang Mai with around seven hundreds plus bars all competing for the exact same Baht &amp the costs for drinks like beer, food &amp solutions increasing. If you have 5 hundred thousand baht then you can run a shoe box in a bar centre with fifty other folks shattering out separate music for maybe 1 year prior to your cash spends all or when there is no much more for investment left. You want double this amount or even much more just to keep alive the off season and the girlfriend?

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