If You Still Love The Guy Who Dumped You – These Expert Tips Will Make Him Want You Again

When you still love the guy who dumped you, it is hard to think of anything but getting him back. If you are not careful, this can become an obsession. You will boor your friends by talking of nothing but your ex boyfriend until they start to avoid you. But, you are not alone in your troubles.

There are countless women all over the world having the same problem at this very moment. The good news is, nearly all of them will get their guy back. You can do the same, by following these expert tips that will make him want you again.

The first thing you need to do is think with your head instead of your heart. Thinking with your heart will cause you to make further mistakes and make it harder to get your ex back. There is something bothering him or he would not have dumped you. You need to find out what that is and correct it before you can hope to make him want you again.

Obviously, you cannot just call him and ask him. He would just hang up on you and you would feel rejected and as if he had broken up with you again. So it will be up to you to dig deep and see what caused the guy you love to become so upset.

Sometimes, you become so much in love with a man that you smother him. You might want him to commit so badly that you become nagging and pushy. Another problem might be that you became too available and he took you for granted. This can cause a man to want a challenge and go looking for it somewhere else.

Whatever the problem, it will have to be fixed. Once you find the problem and fix it, you will be anxious to let the guy that cast you aside know it is fixed. You cannot just call him and tell him that everything is alright now and he can come back. You will have to let him see for himself.

If you feel you might have let your appearance slip, go to a good salon and get a new hair style. Then go shopping for some new and stunning clothes. This will immediately boost your confidence and give you a more positive outlook.

When you think you are looking and feeling desirable again, get some friends together and go out for a good time. Be sure to stop by the places your ex hangs out and let him get a good look at you. Ignore him, but flirt with other guys and then leave.

You will be making him feel as if you are rejecting him and that is a devastating feeling for a man. They do not like to be rejected by anyone, but and an ex girlfriend will be too much to take.

He will be begin calling you almost immediately, but play hard to get, just as you did when he first met you. This may be the challenge he was needing and your guy will be chasing you again.