I’m Not A Dumb Drummer!

The drummer by definition has to be the most rock and roll member of the band. You have to be a little unhinged to be a drummer. All that time spent banging absolutely appears to have an impact. It is exceptional for that reason that some of the finest drummers look to be strangely sensible. Take Phil Collins, Dave Grohl and John Densmore. These guys for some of the most hardcore bands ever to grace the planet (Nirvana and The Doors that is – I’m not certain Genesis could be called hardcore!) but they have accomplished phenomenal individual good results despite, by definition, becoming a screw loose.

John Densmore, the drummer for The Doors, walked out on the band in protest at the self-destructive actions of the other band members. He rejoined the next day. He is 1 drummer that is especially bemused by the dumb drummer stereotype. He was an accomplished musician on other instruments such as the piano and briefly the clarinet. He hates individuals that downplay the credibility of the drums and has stated that “the drum was the initial fucking instrument”. His eloquence sums up the disappointment that some drummers feel when their art form is insulted. Densmore really utilised his orchestral experience and incorporated into his drumming style. The distinctive drumming in The End truly drew on the differences in between fortissimo [really loud] and pianissimo [extremely soft]. It is the alter in volume of the drums produced that the song the incredibly powerful piece of music that it is. Is this far more sophisticated than you could ever have believed?

Dave Grohl is an additional of the Uber drummers that has played with some of the toughest rock bands ever. As the drummer for Nirvana he was no stranger to sex and drugs and rock and roll. His basic, tough-hitting style of drumming was at the core of the bands success and gave their music a spine. The untimely death of Kurt Cobain in 1994 saw the end of Nirvana but Grohl did not remain depressed and moved on to type his personal band. He dropped drumming duties opting to form his own band and named it the Foo Fighters. He switched from drums to guitar and vocals and the band went on to acquire massive commercial success. In 2002 Grohl joined up with the Queens of the Stoneage to support them record their album, songs for the deaf. He has also performed with Norah Jones, David Bowie and the legendary Tenacious D. There are few drummers that have received such a wide range of success as Dave Grohl. All through his career he has proved that he is a lot more than a dumb drummer.

Universally chastised by members of the press and the music sector the following drummer appears to have upset a lot of folks in his extended profitable career. If drumming was judged purely on commercial accomplishment he would almost certainly be at the top of the list of very best drummers in the globe. He has been an actor in films, played drums for some of the most effective bands ever and has written soundtracks for a number of Disney films. Phil Collins is each extremely talented and incredibly company savvy. The variety and extent of his accomplishment proves that drummers can be intelligent and sensible but very profitable. Phil Collins is but yet another instance that quashes the dumb drummer stereotype.