IMC – inclusive innovation awards, 2013


Imc – inclusive innovation awards, 2013

The Indian Merchants’ Chamber’s “INCLUSIVE INNOVATION AWARDS” for 2013 will be held on 14th November 2013 from 5.30 to 7.00 pm at Walchand Hirachand Hall, IMC developing Churchgate Mumbai providing an award of Rs. 20 lakhs to the winner. The award is sponsored by the R. Jhunjhunwala Foundation.

The IMC Inclusive Innovation Awards recognize product or service innovations which are inclusive, capable of industrial exploitation, sustainable and scalable. The five finalists have been quick listed through a two tier approach – 1st evaluation by Screening Jury and second, by the Participating Principal Jury members – Rakesh Jhunjhunwala, Companion, Rare Enterprises, Dr R A Mashelkar, National Study Professor &amp President, Worldwide Analysis Alliance, CSIR, National Chemical Laboratory, Mr Mahalingam, Former Chief Monetary Officer (CFO) &amp Executive Director, Tata Consultancy services, Mr Sumant Sinha, ReNew Energy, Mr Dhanpal Zaveri, Partner and CEO, Everstone capital Advisors Pvt ltd, Anil Gupta (Prof.), Executive Vice Chair, National Innovation Foundation, M L Bhakta, Senior Companion, Kanga &amp Organization. The five finalists will present their item/service and give responses to the inquiries of the Jury Members, both Screening Jury and Primary Jury as also of the attendees. The aim and objective of the Award is to recognize the operate of the inclusive innovators, supply them mentoring help and to hyperlink them with entrepreneurs and fund providers to take their innovations to the market.

The Merchandise or services is based on the facts that it uses minimal raw materials, time and other sources so as it becomes cost-effective for big sections of the society. There are three categories for 2013 Cycle of the Awards:
 Category A
o Individuals
o Private sector enterprises (other than these in Category B or C)
o Academic/Investigation Institutions
 Category B
o Public listed entities and their subsidiaries, associates or joint ventures
o Government/Government Departments
o Public Sector Enterprises
 Category C
o Non-Government Organisations/ Not for Profit Organisations (NGO/NPOs)

All persons of Indian origin, from within or outdoors of India, are eligible to participate. Final year, IMC gave away the prestigious IMC Inclusive Innovation award to the innovator, Rajinish Jainfrom Avani, Kumaon Uttarkahand for his revolutionary solution- ‘Electricity and Cooking Charcoal from Pine needles’.

There were a excellent quantity of high quality entries have been received out of which a panel of Jury Chaired by Dr R. Mashelkar (Chairman), Mr Mahalingam, Mr Sumant Sinha and Mr Dhanpal Zaveri shortlisted five nominations. The Final Award winner will be chosen out of these five by means of Q&ampA session in the morning on November 14, 2013 in IMC. The winning entry will acquire Rs. 20 lakhs and the other 4 will be awarded Certificate of Recognition to quick-listed Nominees (upto 4) from Category A and mentoring assistance and Certificates of Recognition to Winners from Categories B and C.

The winners will be supplied with mentoring support to take their innovation to the market or if the product or service is already in the market to boost its scale. The award is sponsored by the R. Jhunjhunwala Foundation and KPMG India is the knowledge companion with Zee News as the Channel Partner and Radio Big FM as radio Partner.

The Final winner will be chosen out of one of the following innovations.
*Namita Banka, Managing Director, Banka BioLoo Pvt Ltd, Hyderabad for her solution Bio-Toilet, Bio-Tank, Bio-Digester. Bio-digester technology is a consortium of anaerobic bacteria that degrade the human waste and produce bio-gas and re-usable water. This toilet program, created utilizing DRCO’s bio-digester technologies, treats human waste on the spot without any transportation to a central facility. It does not need a sewage treatment facility. The product is customizable and does not call for considerably space. It eliminates foul smell in the toilets, fecal matter in the tank is not visible and there is no clogging of digesters. It does not need power.

*Leo S. Mavely, Founder &amp CEO, Axio Biosolutions Pvt Ltd, Ahmedabad for his product AXIOSTATTM -Emergency Haemostatic Dressing. This dressing stops profuse external bleeding within 2-three minutes of application and covers the wound from microbial infections. It sticks to the blood, seals quickly and has shelf life of three years. The dressing is straightforward to get rid of it turns into gel when saline/water is applied and can be easily washed away speedily for therapy of the wounds when healthcare facility is not offered. It is biodegradable. This is CE approved very first and only solution obtainable in India for Trauma haemorrhage manage. The technologies for manufacture is indigenously developed and patented, whereby incredibly ‘positively charged’ dressing is produced. Blood cells being ‘negatively charged’ quickly get absorbed and trapped inside the positively charged porous dressing.

*Sameer Sawarkar, Chief Executive Officer and Rajeev Kumar, Chief Operating Officer from Neurosynaptic Communications Pvt Ltd, Bangalore for their item ReMeDi™ – Remote Healthcare Diagnostics. The Item enables physicians to remotely measure standard physiological parameters like ECG, Temperature, Blood Pressure, SPO2 and true-time auscultation via Electronic Stethoscope and supplies essential data about the patient to a remote physician for preliminary diagnosis. The healthcare device uses 2W of energy. The Product contains video conferencing in between doctors and sufferers which can work at a bandwidth as low as 32 Kbps. With images, taken using a standard web camera, physicians can also supply eye care, dermatology and ENT services.

*Bhargavan Mohanlal, Alappuzha, Kerala for his solution Marine Reversible Reduction Gearbox and Manualy turnable Z-drive method. The Item, Gearbox is made from light aluminum alloy and enables use of the diesel engines in fishing boats. It has a Z drive which can be locked at 90 degrees although landing of the boats to allow smooth landing of boats without having any harm to the nets of the fishermen. The Gearbox is authorized by Matsyafed, the Kerala State Cooperative Federation for Fisheries Improvement. The Product (reversible reduction gearbox) enables use of diesel engines which brings down fuel expense by 70% i.e. from Rs.3500/- to Rs.900/- for eight hrs. Also, the change of fuel from kerosene to diesel brings down water pollution to practically zero.

*Rohit Bharatkumar Singh, Tanmay Vinay Shinde, Hitarth Narsi Patel, Navnath Bhimrao Mane, Rahul Dilip Kapoor, Dr. K.T.V Reddy and Nimish Rajwade from Intense Engineering Study Project Group, Mumbai for their solution Sancharak: A Cell-Telephone For Blind Folks. The Product has a show (screen) which is capable of displaying any quantity, alphabet and character in Braille kind as against the standard LCD screen in the mobile phones. The show consists of holes and in each and every hole there is a pin. The received information is first converted into the Braille i.e. dot language and then signals are sent soon after which, the information in Braille language is formed on the display by pushing only those respective pins in upward path. The price of the item is anticipated to be about 7000-8000 which is really competitive taking into consideration the functions of the Item.

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