IMC Seminar moots dynamic ‘Competition Law’

IMC Seminar moots dynamic ‘Competition Law’

Mumbai, December 7, 2013: Indian Merchants’ Chamber organised its Second Full Day Seminar in the series ‘Law for Progress’, on ‘Competition Law’ right here nowadays at the IMC creating. Ms. Geeta Gauri, Member, Competitors Commission of India was the Chief Guest at the inaugural session of the day-extended Seminar.

Speaking at the occasion she stated, “Will the Competition Law be able to meet the challenges of economic development is a significant concern for all of us.” When the economy is dynamic and the law primarily based on economics cannot be absolutely nothing but dynamic, she added.

She spoke about the challenges before India in the sphere of reviving the economy in the backdrop of the BRICS countries’ agenda for reviving growth in the new international situation. In this background, countries face a dilemma about ignoring competitors issues or engaging in protectionism based on the prospects of growth fueled by stronger domestic champions. Considering this, convergence of competition and regulations across the whole variety of policies call for competitors authorities to weave into Competition Law implementation according to the issues of diverse stakeholders. “Competitors authorities are just starting to assert themselves in numerous new jurisdictions in economies exactly where competitors was severely distorted due to differing causes,” observed Ms. Gouri and added that the connection of the Competitors Commission of India with the different Regulators is vital in implementing the Competitors Law in the country.

“Financial adversaries and the computation of damages is quite essential in Competition Law,” said Mr. Dhanendra Kumar, Very first Chairman of the Competition Commission of India in his Keynote Address. To generate a level playing field is crucial so that the players should not hurt themselves in the procedure, he added.

A ‘Seminar Expertise Paper on Competition Law’ by M/s Khaitan &amp Co also released at the inaugural ceremony by the Chief Guest.

The subjects of panel discussions in the Seminar have been on:
* The Regulation of Combinations (Merger Manage)
* Enforcement of the Competitors Act
* Cartels and Horizontal Agreements
* Abuse of Dominance.

Mr. Shaunak Thacker, Chairman, Law Committee, IMC delivered the welcome note and Mr. Arvind Pradhan, Director Basic, IMC proposed the vote of thanks.

Mr. Shaunak Thacker, Chairman, Law Committee, IMC, Ms. Nisha Uberoi, Partner, Amarchand &amp Mangaldas &amp Suresh A. Shroff &amp Co, Mr. Balbir Singh, Companion, DSK Legal, Mr Vishal Laheri, Reliance Capital, Mr Farhad Sorabjee &amp Mr Zerick Dastur, Partners, J Sagar Associates, Mr. Manas Chaudhuri, Companion, Khaitan &amp Co. Mr. Ram Tamara, Managing Director, Nathan Financial Consulting India Limited, Mr. Kunal R. Gupta, Associate Director, Forensic Solutions, PricewaterhouseCoopers Private Restricted, Ms. Avaantika Kakkar, Partner, Khaitan &amp Co, Mr. Anand Desai, Co-Chairman, Law Committee and Managing Companion, DSK Legal, Ms. Geeta Singh, Economist and Partner, Genesis, Mr. Amitabh Kumar, Companion, J Sagar Associates, Mr. Samir Gandhi, Partner, AZB and Mr. Tushar Mavani, Partner, Amarchand &amp Mangaldas &amp Suresh A. Shroff &amp Co have been the speakers at the Seminar.

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