Immigration and Visa Laws in Thailand

According to the Nationality Act, an immigrant is an person who is not of a Thai nationality. In the Kingdom of Thailand, the laws with regard to the immigration are governed by the Immigration Act of 1979. In addition, they are managed by the Immigration Bureau of the Royal Thai Police Division, Ministry of Interior.

In other words, the Minister of Interior has the authority to execute this act and he is in charge of appointing officials concerned and fixing the prices as nicely as other costs in connection with the immigration. In addition, in order to manage the affairs of immigration, an Immigration Commission, controlled by the below secretary, is also set up in the nation.

Prominent among the immigration requirements is that any non Thai national who wishes to enter the country is essential to obtain a appropriate visa from a Thai Consulate or a Royal Thai Embassy, prior to the arrival to the country.

Bahamas, Belize, Republic of Bolivia, Republic of Chile, Republic of Costa Rica, Republic of Haiti, Jamaica, Republic of Peru, Kingdom of Bhutan, Republic of Cameroon, Zimbabwe, Republic of Maldives, Vatican City and Tuvalu, are among the countries whose nationals are entailed to have a visa on the arrival at Suvarnabhumi Airport (Bangkok), Phuket International Airport, and Hat Yai International Airport. But, the nationals of specific nations that have agreements with the country require not have to receive a visa to enter Thailand, and keep here for not much more than 30 days. However, these individuals are needed to get an entry stamp at the entry’s checkpoint. Some of the nations that are incorporated in this category are Algeria, Australia, Bahrain, Brazil, Hong Kong, Germany, Italy, Luxembourg, Netherlands, Saudi Arabia, United Arab Emirates, Western Samoa, and Yemen.

However, these lists of nations might be changed by the Immigration Bureau in typical intervals or according to specific circumstances. Likewise, for a longer keep exceeding 30 days, the nationals of all nations are needed to have a valid visa. But, there is exception for this for folks of such nations as Denmark, Finland, New Zealand, Norway, South Korea, and Sweden. These individuals can stay right here with out a visa for a period up to 90 days.

In order to apply for a visa, particular documents must be submitted with the Thai Embassy, such as, passport with validity not significantly less than six months, duly filled visa application type, applicant’s recent photograph, plane ticket, and proof of enough finance. Based upon the diverse categories of folks, Thai government troubles diverse kinds of visas such as Transit Visa, tourist visa, non-immigrant visa, diplomatic visa, official visa, immigrant visa, and non quota immigrant visa.

Transit visa is mainly issued to a individual who wishes to enter the nation for purposes like to tour in transit through the nation to enter his personal country or a individual who want to take part in sports activities. In order to apply for this sort of visa, particular further documents are necessary such as letter of invitation to take component in sports and visa of a third nation.

In the case of tourist visa, it is issued to individuals who want to enter the nation for tourism connected purposes. As per the Interior Ministerial Announcements, nationals from 38 countries needn’t have to receive a visa to enter the nation and remain here for a period not exceeding 30 days. Non-immigrant visa is for people who want to enter the country for such causes as to set up and conduct enterprise, carry out official tasks, to study or to take component in seminars and projects, and to carry out scientific analysis performs.

When comes to the immigrant visa, it is issued by Thai Embassies and Consulates to foreigners who want to enter the country and keep right here permanently. Nevertheless, it is mandatory to receive the consent of the Ministry of Interior. In the case of Non Quota Immigrant Visa, it is issued by the Immigration Bureau in Bangkok to foreigners domiciled in the nation as well as with valid documents to re-enter the country. In order to obtain this visa, the applicants are necessary to relevant documents which includes the Certificate of Residence with the Immigration Bureau in Bangkok.

There are a plenty of respected law firms and other related service providers in Thailand to offer the best in Thai immigration services. These service providers undertake a continuum of solutions in connection with immigration, such as, function permit registrations for foreign workers, visa processing for non-immigrants, resident permits registrations, and consultation services relating to basic immigration services.