Immigration Law For The Kingdom Of Thailand

There are particular laws imposed by governments of numerous nations to the people who are immigrating. These laws are in widespread named as the Immigration Laws. The Immigration Law for the Kingdom of Thailand is a set of laws concerning the immigration of people across the globe in to the kingdom. It is to be understood by any particular person intending to travel to Thailand even if as a tourist. The Immigration Law for the Kingdom of Thailand is to be followed by each and every and every person and are liable to be legally questioned if discovered guilty of breaking any of the set of laws. Immigration applications are handled by Immigration Bureau of the Royal Thai Police Department, Ministry of Interior, according to the immigration act of 1979.

Most people who are arranging for a holiday want not worry about the issues of getting a visa and other such legal licenses. Except a few countries, all men and women from all over the world are permitted to be guests in the kingdom of Thailand. The Immigration law of Thailand makes it possible for a particular person to remain in Thailand with no a visa for a period of about 30 days. This law is quite a lot valuable for vacationers as most tours do not exceed a time limit of 30 days. This avoids the strain of running for visas when we are organizing for a getaway. An extended period of 15 days may possibly also be authorized by the government on applying for it in the immigration office. Hence vacationers are saved from these complicated measures to be undergone for receiving visas and all, by the government itself.

But if a particular person desires to keep in Thailand for a long period of time as a settler then he or she will have to clear out all the norms place forth by the government. The Immigration law for the Kingdom of Thailand imposes rigorous punishments upon immigrants major up to extend of giving death sentences. Immigrants may be of a lot of sorts such as tourists, visitor transit, non- quota immigrant, non immigrant, and immigrants. Individuals have to apply for a visa in order to remain at any nation for a longer time. Visas are of a lot of kinds such as Non immigrant visa, tourist visa, and so on. Non immigrant visas are taken by people who have other motives for becoming in Thailand rather than being a tourist. Other relevant documents may also be required for non immigrants.

As per the immigration law for the Kingdom of Thailand, any ‘application’ is regarded just as a request for staying in Thailand on a short-term basis. An official staff advised by the Commissioner General of the Thailand police headquarters only has the appropriate to offer permit to individuals for a short-term remain. As per the immigration law of Thailand, any person having a valid passport could apply for the visa and if the application is rejected, then he or she may ask for the reason and the official concerned will have to give satisfactory explanations. Then he or she can resubmit the application once more. The Thai Government can give extension for staying at Thailand but it should not exceed 30 days and inside this period the individual concerned should get a license to stay at Thailand.

For men and women who program to migrate to Thailand for the objective of organization, jobs, etc, permission may possibly be granted which will not exceed a time period of a single year. In most of the situations such as enrollment in a government institution, workplace, household member of a resident loved ones, etc, the period will never ever extend a single year at a time.

There are numerous procedures to be followed even though submitting the application and it want not be accepted even even though practically all specifics given in the application are most excellent. At times the officials might uncover out some difficulty in granting the permission. The guidelines laid by the immigration law of the Kingdom of Thailand are rather difficult and may appear to be confusing for outsiders. Most Thai officials try not to result in difficulties and so immigration to the kingdom of Thailand is considered significantly strain much less. The Immigration Law of the Kingdom of Thailand provides a single of the vast research upon the rules imposed on immigration. It is to be studied by all people preparing to immigrate to the kingdom.
Thailand’s Monarchs Visit Japan (1963)

Tokyo, Japan.

Title reads ‘Thailand’s King Visits Japan’.

LV. Boeing aircraft taxiing in at a Tokyo airport. MS. Crowds waving from balcony of airport developing. MS. Emperor Hirohito and Empress Nagako of Japan waiting on tarmac. MS. Thailand’s King Bhumipol with Queen stroll down aircraft methods and are welcomed by the Emperor and Empress, also by Crown Prince Akihito. MV. Guard of Honour. MS. The royal group with the going to King taking the salute.


Date found in the old record – 29/05/1963.
FILM ID:2659.02

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