Immunization Is Up To You

There is some good news out there for kids who are afraid of needles. Despite the fact that immunization is strongly encouraged by doctors and school officials, those shots are not necessary or even required. The medical profession doesn’t go around bragging about that, but the parents are simply not required to have their kids get immunization shots before attending school. All they have to do is go to the nearest health department and get a certification that they are healthy and they can skip those painful needles altogether. Schools simply have to enroll any child who has the certification and there’s nothing the schools can do about it.

But just because the form is the only thing required to enroll a child into school, it doesn’t mean that the immunizations are a bad idea or simply something that can be easily overlooked. There are so many diseases out there and kids who work with and play with other kids are still susceptible to their germs. Schools are virtual incubators of disease and children do not yet have the immune system of adults. Just because a child rarely7 gets sick, that doesn’t mean he or she won’t be the next day.

While everyone would like you to believe that immunizations are only helpful and are completely safe and harmless there is another side of immunizations that most people aren’t aware of. Some light has been shed on the consequences of immunizations when a link between vaccinations and Autism was discovered but this issue was quickly swept under the rug and why, because if you knew that immunizations might not be safe then you might choose not to have them done.

There is also some degree of speculation about issues such as crib death and the way those tragedies might be linked to immunization schedules. Again, it is all speculation, but something to be considered. The prime time for babies to die is at the three-month stage and that is exactly when most immunizations begin.

While these issues can only be speculated about there are many issues that also can’t be explained and while many people consistently choose to get the flu vaccine, how many of them actually wind up with the flu? Of course, it is a different strain or so they are told. The bottom line is that no one knows for sure what is in those vaccines except for the government and know one can guarantee that vaccines are completely safe. While they may be helpful when you are traveling to countries where these diseases are running rampant are they really necessary in the here and now within the U.S. Get informed and find out more about the immunizations that you are giving to your children and yourself. It is important that you realize that this is a choice and that you should gather the information you need to make an informed decision about this very real issue.