Impact Sports Strapless Heart Rate Monitor Review – E-Pulse Monitor

Until now, using a Pulse monitor required strapping to your chest or removing your watch to strap it to your wrist. This newer strapless heart rate monitor is banded around the forearm for use and has not only a pulse monitor and calorie counter but other features as well. You can set the pulse monitor to your preference of high, low and it will also give you an average. Wearing a strapless heart rate monitor will mean you no longer have to remove clothing to attach it your chest. If you are a man and have a hairy chest, that in itself can report questionable results due to poor body contact.

This unit features a large LED readout that is very easy to read. It is waterproof and small enough to wear under your clothing without difficulty. The integration of microchip technology and light sensor, similar to medical heart rate monitors, gives you a more accurate reading of your heart rate. Both amateur and elite athletes should continuously be aware of the heart beat or rate. Wearing a chest strap is both uncomfortable and you are unable to read it while exercising.

It stays securely on your arm and for the most part does not have to be strategically placed. It is likely to give a reading wherever you put it on your arm. Sweat does not seem to effect positioning if properly applied.

The ePulse also handles basic calculations such as average heart rate, minimum and maximum heart rate and your elapsed time of exercising. The LED display is easily read except in bright sunlight. It’s waterproof/water resistant feature will allow you to exercise or play golf without fear of damage due to moisture or accidentally falling into water. This feature also makes the buttons harder to push. The LED display will also indicate if you are in the fat-burning or cardio zone. There is however, no audio alarm to possibly indicate you are out of your desired zone and you must look at it to see where you are.

The number of calories you burn, when monitored are not as accurate at higher rates and will stop if your pulse monitor registers over 160 beats per minute. When changing screens on the device, your return to current heart beat/rate will take about 30 seconds on average. It will also take a little time for the running average to catch up, but it is easy to reset.

Two triple-A batteries power the strapless heart rate monitor. Prolonged use such as a 2 or 3 hour workout or golf game may use up to half of the batteries power. Batteries do not come with the unit. The only time battery consumption is not an issue is when it is used with the “on-demand” mode.

Reading the manual is an important first step, by all reports. It will make getting it ready for your personal use a lot easier. After setting this Pulse Monitor with your personal settings, one button operation is generally all that is required.