Important E-commerce Promotional Strategies

A visitor generally reaches an e-Commerce Website with very little effort, may be even a single click. More so, they can even leave the site with a single click. Hence, investment in terms of effort is very less. Thus, motivation in terms of purchase is very less. So the key here is not to bring in a lot of useless traffic, but to bring in customers.

Overall, one must develop an e-commerce technique that focuses on the total cost and increased ROI, on a long term basis. The key here would be to bring in the most relevant visitors at the lowest possible costs, for these visitors are much easier to convert into customers. One must focus on increasing sales per order. But, most importantly,the e-commerce promotion must focus on bringing those very customers back.

Thus, one can definitely say that an effective e-commerce promotion is primarily divided in to 3 steps:

1.Attracting relevant traffic.
2.Persuading or enticing the visitor to make a purchase and
3.Finally, but most importantly, bringing back that customer.

The key to making any e-commerce website successful is promotion. In other words, prospective customers just won’t hear about you unless you tell them about you. But, caution must be taken not to dive in without a formulated plan, since the web sharks will just devour your website. However, there are no standard rules or plans. Different combinations work differently for different sites. Hence, testing is the keyword.

But there are 7 promotion methods employed by many e-commerce websites:

PR: PR is mainly about using newspapers, magazines and e-zines to tell prospective customers about your site. But don’t be fooled. This particular task is not as easy as it seems, for editors demand interesting stories. In other words, to get inked, your stories need a twist. But you must always remember that ink is gold.
Referrals: If you have a great E-commerce site, your visitors may want to tell their friends about it. Hence, make it easy for them to send emails to invite their friends to your site.
Print Ads: Its always a great idea to run small ads in publications that are carefully targeted for your customers. However, the message must be kept small. The key is to begin with a cheaper classified ad in some of the best publications.
Banner Ads: Create a nice banner and then watch the orders roll in. But always make sure your banners work for you. Hence, create high quality banners and run them on well-targeted sites.
Affiliate Programs: You should get other similar sites to send their visitors to your site.
Search Engines: Finally, you must implement an effective search engine strategy. SABUNG AYAM