Impressing PDF Converting Tool

Vast amount of information can be put away and reedited by a variety of advanced forms of computer applications. The most popular forms are Word, Excel and PDF, whereas they all have their own long suits and shortcomings. And we may need the docs in different types according to our different needs. So how to convert the docs between different forms instantly? Good news here, as I will introduce a free PDF converter which allows you to convert your PDF to Word and also from Word or Excel to PDF promptly.

TweakPDF Converter is a simple but stable tool with Straight-forward and clear interface that can perform excellent when you use it. The first time when I use this utility was on the day I got an email from one of my clients who said that he cannot convert the files successfully. So I downloaded Tweak PDF Converter to have a try by myself. Believe or not, this is the first time I came into contact with PDF docs and the converter tools.

I downloaded from the website and imported the PDF in then clicked start. It prompted out a window ask if I need to open the file in Word in a few minutes. I was really amazed since I was thinking it would be more complicated and time-consuming. But it turned out I converted the whole 50pages PDF in only one to two minute, then I tried to do the partial converting in that the customer also complained he cannot do the trick. I clicked partial convert and chose the starting page, it still worked so smoothly! This was really an impressive experience and I am so hilarious that I could get to know something that I knew little about in the past.

Then I decided to conduct a deep study on this free PDF converter. I found out that TweakPDF allows you to convert Word to PDF ,Excel to PDFas well as PDF to Word Docs freely. It is able to retain intact of the original file and no reformatting is required. Otherwise, it supports all Adobe PDF versions and PDF files created by other applications. And following are 4 main characteristics of this Tweak PDF Converter which I summed up.

Image positioning
No image messed up with text will appear. All the images will be positioned as the original places.

Keeps the text style exactly
The text style like font, size, color, underline, boldness, shadow and stress, etc. are exactly kept the original.

Converts headers and footers
It converts headers and footers as headers and footers in the converted document.

Retains hyperlinks and bookmarks
If the PDF file contains hyperlinks, they will be still active in the target Word file. In the same case, if the Word file contains hyperlinks, they are active, too. All hyperlinks are supported, like that beginning with http://, https://, ftp:// and ftps:// (e.g.

Surely there are more traits of Tweak PDF Converter which you may find it matches so perfect for you.
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