Impressive Astronomy Picture of the Week: Nov 13

The unique pictures this week concentrate on astronomic phenomena, a natural landscape and scientist achievements. If you are interested in discovering the planets, important notes about plasma devil, Dubbed NGC 4452 galaxy and Atoms-for-Peace may attract you. Besides, the news of China rocket is likely to receive attention of those who concern weather issues. Let’s read the following article for more detailed information.


Bleeding Heart

Aral Sea, the world’s fourth-largest inland body of water, has been shrinking over the past 50 years because its water must be diverted for irrigation. The whitish area surrounding this lake is a vast salt plain, now called the Aralkum Desert.


Water flows from the heart-shaped northern lobe of the Aral Sea in Central Asia


Galactic Atoms for Peace

A new picture offered an unprecedented view of the galaxy merger known as Atoms-for-Peace.


Galactic Atoms for Peace


Plasma Devil

In late October, a mass of charged gas like a dust devil swirled off the sun’s surface. The plasma danced for more than two days while SDO’s extreme-ultraviolet cameras took in the show.


The plasma devil


Chinese Rocket

A Long March 4C rocket lifted off from the Taiyuan Satellite Launch Center in China on November 5 carrying a new weather satellite.


China’s National Satellite Meteorological Center will use the craft to improve the Asian country’s capacities of medium-range weather forecast


NGC 4452 galaxy

The object on this picture is an unusual slender galaxy.


This galaxy, also known as Dubbed NGC 4452, was first spotted in 1784 by astronomer William Herschel


Fuel Leak

A hydrogen gas leaked at the ground umbilical carrier plate, where the vent line connects to the tank.


A worker helped detach a vent line from the external fuel tank of the space shuttle Discovery on November 9




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