Impressive weekly images in September

The world has been developing and changing dramatically day by day. In many parts of the world, significant events are always updated via the Internet as well as the press. We witnessed a lot of news in every field through the breathtaking pictures in the first week of September. For instance, Alain Robert nicknamed “Spiderman” attempted to climb the Lumiere Residential building in Sydney with bare hands, which surprised viewers. Moreover, other news related to natural phenomena drew great attention worldwide. Let’s have a brief look at the following incredible images which somehow describe the previous week’s incidents truly.


French “Spiderman” Alain Robert was arrested while he was climbing over the Lumiere Residential 57-storey building in Sydney, Australia with his bare hands


Electricians are checking electric wires above the Nanchang-Jiujiang intercity high speed railway in Nanchang, China


A fire in Bremerton, Washington, the USA


The snow and ice painting which stretches an area of 14.5 km2 in Baikal Lake takes artist Jim Denevan and his team 15 days to complete


The photo of Hurricane Earl’s eye is taken from the International Space Station. The image brings viewers awareness of how tropical storms develop into hurricanes.


A boiling lava lake in the crater of Nyiragongo volcano near Goma, Congo


The triple bombing of a religious procession in Lahore, Pakistan caused 25 deaths and more than 150 injuries


A child was made up as Hindu God Krishna to participate in the festival which marks Krishna’s birth in Mumbai, India


Sinabung volcano in the north of Sumatra Island, Indonesia suddenly erupted, which made thousands of Indonesians evacuate from the slopes of a volcano



Hundreds of South Korean fishing boats are spotted at a harbor on the island of Jeju before the typhoon Kompasu occurs with heavy rains and strong winds


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