Improving Home Security And Safety For Family Members With Alzheimer’s

The news that a family member has been diagnosed with Alzheimers disease is always very difficult to cope with. Although you may have had signs and hints before now, the diagnosis is the final confirmation. Over the period of time when the disease began to show its first hints of its presence you may have had to make some changes in your home to accommodate the forgetfulness of your family member. This is an important step in the process. But still there are probably numerous other household changes that you havent considered yet. Improving the home security and safety is an important step in keeping your family member safe. With a few extra precautions you and your whole family will be safer in the home. Some changes will need to be made immediately and others can be assessed and changed over time.

You should create a list of emergency numbers for the home and keep them near every telephone in the house. This will come in handy for every member of the family, not just the one with Alzheimers.
Fire safety is an important thing to stay on top of. First make sure that your smoke and heat detectors are in working order with fresh batteries. If you have a home alarm system installed in the house, you can connect these detectors to the system and have them monitored by the home security monitoring company. This is terrific for those times when someone might not be home to take action themselves. When it comes to cooking in the home, there is an automatic shut off feature that you can have installed in your home stove.
It might seem overly cautious at first, but taking some childproofing precautions in the house with things like electrical sockets and drawers and cabinets is smart.
It is also a good idea to lock away anything that could be potentially dangerous or toxic in a secured place. Things like medications should be also be kept in a locked cabinet in order to avoid your family member taking unneeded medication by accident.
Keep a key hidden somewhere outside of the house. It could be possible that a person with Alzheimers could unknowingly lock themselves or their loved ones out of the home.
Lighting is another important thing that often goes overlooked. Check around your home on the inside and out to make sure that the lighting is adequate in all areas. This is another tip that will improve the home security for the whole family.
If your house is equipped with a home alarm system make the home security company aware that there is a person living in the home with Alzheimers disease. If there were ever a situation where your family member couldnt remember the correct code or had some kind of emergency, the security company will know what is going on.

Some of these changes may seem excessive, but oftentimes people discover that they need to make modifications to the home when tragedy has already struck. SABUNG AYAM