In-Flight Encounter with Thai Airways

The flagship carrier of Thailand has the Economy, Premium Economy, Thai Royal Silk and Thai Royal 1st classes on its flights. All of these classes have superb seats and an Audio Visual on Demand (AVOD). Surely, providing in-flight entertainment is a massive priority for the airline. The premium classes onboard have even greater quantity of hi-finish add-ons to improve the flight knowledge of passengers nevertheless, the Premium Economy and Thai Royal Very first are available only on choose flights of Thai Airways. Likewise, the airport lounges of the carrier go by names of Royal Silk, Royal Orchid Spa, Royal First and Royal Orchid and are very first rate. Surely, the airline treats all its passengers splendidly and offers as numerous facilities feasible onboard.

The Economy class of Thai Airways is spacious and comfortable. It doles out exceptional services to passengers. The airline lately revamped the seats in its economy class by producing them wider, giving them a designer look and installing an Audio Visual On Demand (AVOD) at the back of every single seat. Even so, this facility is accessible only in select fights.

A separate area in the economy class chalks out the Thai Premium economy section. The seats fitted in here are a lot more spacious and incorporate a reclining backrest, wide arm-rests and finger-controlled leg rests. The Audio Visual on Demand (AVOD) systems supplied right here have larger screens. These seats have modish contemporary appear and a subtle mood-lighting mechanism. There is even a energy point for folks who want to use their laptops whilst flying. This facility is not offered on all flights even though.

One more premium cabin obtainable on a couple of flights is the Thai Royal Silk if you want to pamper yourself completely even though flying. Isolated cabins for two are provided here. The electronically-controlled seats installed in these cabins are really spacious and have a steep recline of 170 degrees. Passengers can make use of the phone, power outlet for laptops and the interactive Audio Visual on Demand (AVOD) systems fitted out in the seats.

If you wish for a larger private space even though flying, then book the Thai Royal First. Individual consideration and luxurious ambiance is assured here. The higher point of this class is the electronically-controlled sleeper seat that can recline by 180 degrees. The hi-finish facilities supplied in these seats are a phone, AVOD technique and energy outlet for electronic devices. Even so, these seats are available on very couple of carriers, so make an suitable enquiry just before booking.

Thai Airways does a lot to pamper customers onboard and turn their in-flight expertise extraordinary.
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