In What Way That Men Are Failing With Woman, Attraction And Dating

There are numerous reasons explaining why men are failing with girls and dating today but I want to take a look at it from an angle that you probably haven’t thought about before. When it comes down to the game of attraction, many men will start becoming needy, clinging,
overwhelmed, etc. This implies they are giving up their OWN private autonomy (in that time as it all that she sees and knows about him) and showing evidence of reliance on a girl. When your feelings start to take over you’ve got to understand where they’re coming from and where they fit into the unvarnished reality of things. Many men fail because they just can’t control their thoughts and physical reply to a gorgeous girl. Because you have an interest in her doesn’t suggest she is keen on you. Girls are top class body language readers (they were born to grasp what to have a look for and the way to reply) and can see any hint of nervousness when you’re around them. Any wild emotional reply you have with ladies up front (or later in the relationship when you only see her ‘wonderful’ side and ‘fall for her’) means you are losing your own power, strength and autonomy (already confused and muddled due to growing up being concealed from the truth). When this occurs it implies that she can’t be attracted to you.

So all of the nice blokes out there that try to put their ‘best’ foot forward (and not especially being their true self) are actually failing and treading on their own feet. They are not being truthful with themselves and their motives. Not to mention that many women today do not want to be courted and feeling like they owe this man a committed relationship, they need to be free and let things occur more naturally. Many blokes get so nervous and self conscious round the ladies they need that they don’t understand there’s nothing they could say to salvage it. She already lost interest the second she saw him yet they will still attempt to learn pick-up lines in a desperate try to succeed to the point their attention to it becomes twisted. All guys have always had the basic power to delight women.
And it’s all done on a natural level that’s truly more necessary to her than cash (except gold-diggers). And she needs to be well placed to trust the person to BE a person. Women are waiting for the ‘real men’ (who respect her and her body without saying a word) because
there are so few left any more. Just have to make contact with your natural power as a man to reach the normal part of (all) ladies.

This power is larger than your own independent ‘personality’ or your social personality and it is the power that matters when referring to succeeding with girls and giving ladies what they desire. Become a person who is ‘comfortable in his very own skin’ and maintain that congruency and you will find that girls will treat you differently and essentially notice you. Her interest means everything as she is the one that selects you or not (as a reply to your personality or approach) but as a man you may lead the way. The nice guy will ‘fail’ in enticing girls because he isn’t provoking an instinctual or natural reply in her to him. Is it his fault for being raised in a forced fact which covers up his real power and effectiveness? No.

Does he have to take responsibility for his actions and future? Yes.Understanding these things will permit him to advance into an entire level of success that he has only dreamed about. I love to see things this way: you can not go with a fat, repulsive chick quite as much as she won’t go with a person of low personality. Girls today love sex quite as much as men but they are expecting a man they can trust first and if you are showing indicators of dependency or that you are too inquisitive about her and would change your habits to be with her, it isn’t going to work out. The very good news is that girls will KNOW when you’re that man they desire. To stop failure, just become a person of high personality across the three areas that matter (natural, independent and social) and you’ll have ladies desiring to be with you and not giving up the opportunity to meet you. The entire game turns around at this point and other guys may continue to fail because they did not understand the large game of attraction and the way to apply it themselves to be more naturally themselves.

Be what ladies desire by really turning into the man you were meant to be rather than having to fool them into something and you will be able to attract girls nonverbally. All blokes have this power and potential notwithstanding their cash or looks. It’s actually about how she feels when she is around you and that ALL boils down to your personality and who you are. So I would recommend stopping failure and having success with ladies and dating!
Sabung Ayam
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Sabung Ayam