Increase Your eBay Sales 3 Times in One Month Only!

If you really want to be successful in selling online then you should know, first of all, how e-bay users find the things and spend money on If you really know how the search is made over this website then you are 70% ahead of all other buyers. The rest of the work is really good and easy to do.

It does not matter which type of buyers they are, and from where they come but one thing is common for all that they use the same tool to find the items and it is the ‘Search bar’  

There are only a few buyers who check the “Search Title and Description”. As you know that the search is made by the most of the users casually so you should use the proper keyword for your product.  

There are also a handful of buyers who browse the items by category and do not use the search option, but here we are discussing the major things and not the exceptions. In case you’re unaware, this means that most searches are only reading your titles, not the words in the description area of your advertisements.  

Now, you know that using proper keywords is the mantra of success. So here is a list you should keep in mind while setting keywords for your items. These rules are just literal and do not think that will be applicable on all the items. We have a maximum of 55 characters allowed for our title and we should always try to get the best results out of this limited space available. 

1. Think about the general and obvious key words that are specific to the items you’re selling and make sure you are using the correct spellings.  

2. There are a lot of people who misspelled the keywords. Try using some keywords which are the misspellings of the original ones.

3. Some of the phrases which are not related to the products but are really searched are “free shipping”. Try your hands on these too.  

Now, take these rules and create a fresh list of these words on a paper before you place an ad. After creating the list start narrowing down and let the quality keywords be there. Keep shortening the list until you get only 55 characters and it will fit into the title.  

If you are having more than one item and you are trying to sell them with the different titles then make sure that you are using the different titles by making the different list every time. Multiple ads using the same title will just waste your money.

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