Independent Film Advertising, Low Cost Public Relations Methods

The film industry is a greatly romanticized and fun industry, and this can be used to an indie filmmaker’s advantage when marketing their films. By working with schools, groups like the Purple Hat Society and more filmmakers can reach people directly and through the news. This method is best used in smaller towns of 50,000 to 300,000 people. Towns which are large enough to provide an audience but small enough so that the people living in them will not have many opportunities to interact with independent filmmakers.

One valuable tool would be to hold workshops on filmmaking, using the digital cameras people already have the filmmakers to teach them the basics of script writing, cinematography, editing, and more. Like small watercolor classes the point is not always to make the people of the community into greats, but rather to help them build new talents that could be fun and interesting.

By holding such workshop events you would have the opportunity to not only increase those interested in watching your film when it comes to the theater by directly interacting with them, but you will also likely get mentioned in the local newspapers for free. What’s more you will have a great story to submit as part of web PR. This is important because more people are now reading stories on the internet then in newspapers. Having your stories online then will greatly increase those people who see and hear of your movie and your company beyond the town where you held the workshop.

While workshops can and will likely many independent movies a great method of marketing they need to be planned with care. Those marketing the film need to insure that the theater in the town where the workshop is being held will show the independent film before the workshop takes place, if it won’t then holding a workshop in the town will hold little value.

Further an independent film advertising campaign should be planned to run in conjunction with the PR, providing a means to draw those who read the story into buying tickets. Direct sales to consumers are the reason I recommend internet advertising, PPC and Banner Ad Campaigns allow you to pull those interested directly to a website where they can take action and purchase a ticket, and so will greatly increase the number of tickets you sell.

This mixture of event based PR and advertising will help to dramatically increase your movies ticket sales at a fraction of what it would have cost to do so with just straight marketing techniques.