Independent Thinking When Casting Your Vote

Adjusting the U.S. Election Process – Should that be done and if so, what kind of adjusting should take place to bring this and other related areas of the U.S. Constitution into the 21st Century. No easy task, no easy solutions, and one of the most important elements in this whole process is YOU.

Without your input and your standing up to be counted, the founding fathers of the Constitution will be judged to be right on one count and wrong on another.

“THE FEAR of the ‘common people’ that drove America’s founders had obvious results in the Constitution. Presidents were elected by a small Electoral College without a popular vote, the Senate was filled with the choice of state legislatures and not the people, the electorate was kept tiny and discriminatory select. Indirect representative democracy held pure democracy at bay.”

“Given the lack of broad-based education, the widespread poverty of the eighteenth century America, and the absence of any successful contemporary democratic precedents, perhaps the founders’ fears were at least partly justified. None of these conditions prevails today, however. Never in the history of mankind have a people been so well educated, with so many sources of information available at instant command”.

“The founders themselves would have been the first to express amazement, and puzzlement, that their country had not had the self-confidence to reexamine their labors at regular intervals.”

(This is taken from Larry J. Sabato’s book A More Perfect Constitution).

Should we fail to make the necessary adjustments that take into consideration the differences that prevailed when the Constitution was formed and today’s America, then they should be judged as right to have ‘feared the common people’.

Should we fail to bring our laws of the land and our Constitution into today, they will be judged as wrong when they foresaw that their labors of developing the Constitution would be changed to meet present day conditions. Certainly no one could logically argue that America today is considerably different than it was in 1787.

Would you mind if I asked you a few questions?

Do you think the best candidates possible are running for the various jobs available, whether it is for President of the U.S., for a seat in the hallowed halls of Congress, or for a judgeship in your local county?

Do you think that the architects of the Constitution envisioned our having PROFESSIONAL politicians?

Do you think that the media gives equal time and comment to all candidates?

Do you think that the amount of exposure a candidate gets should be based on his/her ability or willingness to use their own money and be a professional fund raiser?

Do you think this (money in one form or another) should be a part of the criteria that judges whether a person is qualified to run for a particular office/job?

This list of questions can go on as you well imagine, for a very long time.

On one hand we spend billions on defending our freedom and we take our hats off and pray consistently for all the those thousands of men and women who lay their lives on the line for us everyday. On the other hand when it comes to choosing the people who will lead us in those governmental functions that our necessarily governmental, how are we doing?

Lets not be part of that group which recognizes a need for action, but does nothing. May I suggest that you join Team America – just go to []