Indian Bridal jewelry is a perfect blend of tradition and style that modern brides love to own

Indian people go gaga over the bridal jewelry, starting from the necklace to the hair pins. Modern or traditionally old fashioned, every Indian girl’s dream is almost the same to get her the best wedding jewelry. Usually you get plenty of jewelry from your loved ones as a token of love; still the main attraction for you is the jewelry you choose with your family with the perfect design, style and pattern that would complement your clothes and looks.

Bridal jewelry in India comes with various regional touches according to the religious belief and customs of that particular region. The most favorite metal for a bridal jewelry in India is the yellow metal called gold. Having plenty of clients in India, Bridal Jewelry Designs has launched its bridal collection of jewelry designs there and woos the feminine soul.

The traditional values attached to jewelry designs in India is greatly taken care of, as most popular pieces of wedding jewelry like the Mangal sutra ( A Necklace of black beads having the Tasmania at the centre) and Manftika ( A jewelry worn at the upper middle part of the bride) and Bichhua (Toe rings). These are the most essential part of a Hindu wedding in India. The nose ring is essential in some parts of India as a compulsory ornament.

We offer every piece of jewelry required in the India culture, may the bride be of any culture or religions. We promise 100% satisfaction for the bride when she visits out online store for the varieties of wedding jewelry we cater.

For a Hindu bride, wedding jewelry like the mangalsutra is offered by the groom at the time of wedding, so it simply is opted out from the bride’s shopping list. But other than this she has to buy the rest and get decked up on her big day. At the northern states of India brides wear a special kind of bangle called Chuda, which also is available with us and we have added some crystals to beautify it and enhance the glam quotient.
Toe rings and nose rings are a tradition for both Hindu and Muslim brides. Usually the toe rings are of pure silver, with filigree or stone work on it. The size varies according to the choice of the bride. Nose rings mostly come with gold but now-a-days brides are opting for a cheap substitute as they wear it just for a single day. We stock both gold and gold plated nose ornaments across sizes and designs to choose from.

Finger rings are very significant in an Indian wedding as both the bride and groom exchange rings at the engagement ceremony and even before marriage the groom’s family gift the bride designer jewelry at some pre wedding rituals. Exchange of bridal jewelry is a great custom of Indian culture.

Armlets, waist band, anklets, key rings, saree pins, chained rings there is an endless list of bridal jewelry to cater the Indian bride. Usually the anklets and key rings come in silver with filigree work, but we have some varieties that are decorated with stones and pearls. Armlets, waist band and saree pins come with both gold and gold plated designs with very unique designs that suit both the modern and traditional brides.

Hair pins are worn by Indian brides, which also come with gold or silver patterns, ranging from floral pattern to modern designs. Apart from stones and pearls, Indian bridal jewelry designs are ruled by the Kundan jewelry. To cater the traditional yet chick brides we have plenty of Kundan sets that comprises, necklace, ear rings, finger rings, mangtika, nose rings and hair pins. These bridal jewelry sets come within a very affordable range and you can even get discounts if buying the complete bridal jewelry designers set.

Bangles come in gold, silver and gold plated designs that have stone and pearls embedded with various floral and traditional designs.

In a Indian wedding people look at the bride in order to access her jewelry and ornaments, it’s considered to measure her parents’ wealth. But you should always take care to do better calculations and not to overdo the bridal jewelry designs shopping. Rather go for affordable options that look beautiful and don’t bankrupt your finance, as other aspects of a wedding are expensive too.
Sabung Ayam
McCoy Tyner Tribute
at Davies Symphony Hall

Piano luminary Chick Corea, saxophonist Joe Lovano, and a host of the jazz world’s greatest pianists come together in tribute to McCoy Tyner’s five decade career as a musician, composer and arranger – an artist who has helped shape the evolution of jazz since his emergence as part of the classic John Coltrane quartet in the early 1960s. In an evening of solos, duos, and trios, NEA Jazz Masters Tyner, Corea and Kenny Barron are joined by Lovano and a multi-generational lineup of keyboard talent including Marcus Roberts, Geri Allen, and Bay Area-reared artists Benny Green and Taylor Eigsti. Though his ringing, spiritually charged sound has changed little since his epochal five-year tenure with Coltrane, Tyner has hardly stood still. Having absorbed a global array of influences from Brazil, West Africa and the Caribbean, he’s played an essential role in expanding jazz’s expressive palette, while writing more than a dozen bona fide jazz standards. Don’t miss this once-in-a-lifetime event in celebration of McCoy Tyner’s continuing legacy.

Artist Personnel

Chick Corea piano
Joe Lovano tenor saxophone
Kenny Barron piano
Marcus Roberts piano
Benny Green piano
Geri Allen piano
Taylor Eigsti piano

McCoy Tyner piano

"Tyner is one of the most brilliant pianists and commanding leaders in modern music. " — DownBeat