Indonesia is the most popular tourist destination

Indonesia is the only country in the world that boasts of having over 18,000 islands. This popular tourist destination is located between the Pacific and Indian oceans and represents the biggest archipelago on the whole world. Furthermore, it is the fourth country after China, India and the United States that has a large population. Indonesia is the most visited country all over the world due to the numerous tourist attractions that it offers. In fact, most of these tourists come to see the islands and the Indonesia volcano. You will also find that there are a lot of things to do in Jakarta and the other islands that are scattered all over Indonesia. The finest sights, which include beaches and natural beauties, are some of the things that make tourists all over the world to visit Indonesia. Once you visit Indonesia, you will find numerous things to do in Bali and natural attractions that will leave you asking for more.

Natural attractions that make Indonesia the finest tourist destination include Toba Lake and Tanjung Putting. The Toba Lake is located in the island of Sumatra and its origin is a volcano. This lake was formed over 70,000 years ago, and is 30 kilometres wide and 100 kilometres long. The Toba Lake represents the leading caldera found on earth today. Inside this lake, the island of Pulau Samosir is located there, and it also contains 2 tiny lakes. It is the high time you discovered Indonesia tourism
instead of waiting to here from other people. On the island of Borneo, you will be privileged to find Tanjung Putting National Park. This island is ideal for tourist who love hiking, ecotourism as well as boat trips. This national park is also known for being a habitat for a huge number of diverse species for example leopards, crocodiles, orang-utans, and individuals who are obsessive of flora and fauna will love it.

Discovering Indonesia tourism is a plus for any tourist wherever they may be in the globe. This is because you will be in a position to visit Baliem Valley which is situated on the highlands of western New Guinea. The valley is famous due to the discovery of agricultural population on a flight in the year 1938. This valley is also the centre of any tourist tour of Indonesia, and in includes visiting rivers, tribal villages such as Wamena, and mountains. On Java Island, you will find mount of Bromo, a section of Tengger massif, which has a volcanic origin. The Mount Bromo is known to be around 7641 metres above sea level. This mountain is surrounded by a sea that has fine sand.
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