Infineon Scalable 8-bit Microcontroller Complete High-temperature (mcu) Series

March 9, 2010, Neubiberg, Germany and New Zealand will be Castle News – The New York will be held at Fort embedded technology trade show in 2010, Infineon Technologies AG (FSE: IFX / OTCQX: IFNNY) announced the availability of scalable a full set of high-temperature 8-bit microcontroller (MCU) series. The series can be as high as 150 C operating environment to meet the automotive and industrial electronics industry’s most stringent standards. XC800150 C launched a new series can be applied without restriction temperature from -40 C to 150 C environment. This is expensive and complicated cooling and refrigeration system provides an efficient alternative, as well as poor working conditions in the application of micro-controller provides a feasible alternative.

XC800150 C series is ideal for automotive products, such as turbochargers, engine fans, throttle or valve control, EPS, fuel / fuel sensor, and water / oil / fuel pumps. Potential industrial applications including heating control devices, boiler system or the motor of the electronic control system.

Microcontroller Infineon Technologies AG Juergen Hoika marketing director, said: “Infineon is the world’s first application to provide unrestricted access to 150 C high temperature environment, in line with AEC-Q100 Grade-0 standards for the full set of 8 microcontroller products manufacturers. XC800 150 C series of products including flash memory, peripherals, innovations in the many different models, greatly facilitate the customers to select the appropriate application-specific embedded devices. “

AEC-Q100 automotive electronic equipment by the Commission (AEC) to develop standards of reliability stress tests. Tests show that launched a new series of high-temperature Infineon microcontrollers, after meet AEC-Q100 Grade 0 (-40 C to 150 C) standards require testing and certification. This makes them a vehicle engine compartment, and the extremely harsh environment of industrial solutions ideal.

XC800150 C devices can be installed close to sensors and actuators, electronic or mechanical, compared with the previous solution, the connectivity can be improved to ensure efficient motor control, and reduce system cost. Since the devices do not need additional devices and wiring insulation, so automotive and industrial products help reduce the cost and complexity. XC800150 C series, all models are based on Infineon’s strong durability, performance, mature technology and high-quality flash memory production technology to ensure excellent reliability.

Equipped with powerful peripheral XC800 150 C series

XC800150 C series to further develop a mature, powerful XC800 microcontroller applications. The devices built an 8051 processor core, the different capacity of flash memory (4kB to 32kB), and integrated oscillator, voltage regulator, EEPROM and monitoring circuits and other components, can reduce overall system cost. XC800 different types of devices, is also equipped to support a variety of motor control and power conversion products, power peripherals. These peripherals include the flexibility to generate a PWM capture / compare unit (CCU6), an enhanced fast digital to analog converter (used to achieve accurate measurements, hardware synchronized to pulse width modulation), and contains two CAN nodes MultiCAN module . On-chip CAN module assembly XC800150 C micro-controller, through the provision of network protocols (CAN frames shielding, filtering and buffering) Most of the functionality required to reduce the CPU load. In addition, XC800150 C series also contains a 16-bit vector calculation unit, to support field-oriented motor control (FOC) calculation of the required triangle. The new devices are introduced using a variety of packages, including 24,28, and 38-pin T-SSOP package and 48-pin QFP packaging.


The first XC800 150 C device (24kB and 32kB Flash memory, support for field oriented control of the XC886 Grade 0) in the project has started to provide samples. The model is expected to be mass production in July 2010. Other models of the product line is expected to be launched in 2011.


Fort will be held in New Embedded Technology 2010 show (March 2, 2010 to 4), Infineon will be in the company’s booth (Hall 21, Booth 428) for embedded display high-temperature micro-controller-type products and other innovative devices.