Information about New York City

New York City is situated in the North Eastern portion of the United States of America, in the state of New York, along the Hudson River. It is built around three islands – Manhattan, Staten Island, and Long Island. It consists of 5 boroughs – The Bronx, Brooklyn, Manhattan, Queens, and Staten Island.

Situated at the mouth of the Hudson River, it lies on the eastern Atlantic coast, which is a organic harbor. It is the most populated city in the United States. Being situated on a organic harbor, the city has flourished as a trading city.

It was officially known as the City of New York but later, the name was changed. It is regarded the biggest urban city in the globe, the largest city in America since 1970, and is the most populated city in America.

New York City consists of 5 boroughs. They are The Bronx, Manhattan, Brooklyn, Staten and Queens Island, and they are located inside the five counties called New York County, Kings County, Richmond County, Bronx County and Queens County. New York is the most thickly populated city in the United States of America. A number of land marks and neighborhoods around the city are common all through the globe.

Millions of immigrants who had arrived in the course of the late 19th and the starting of the 20th centuries were amazed with the greeting they received from the Statue of Liberty. Wall Street in Reduced Manhattan serves as a property to the Stock Exchange activities. There are innumerable tall buildings in New York City. The former twin towers of Globe Trade Center, and The Empire State constructing are popular all through the planet.

The City of New York has given birth to several cultural activities and movements. Some of them are hip hop, salsa, punk, Harlem Renaissance in visual art, and literature abstract expressionism in painting, and Tin pan Alley in music.

Big Apple, Gotham and the City that never sleeps are some of the common nicknames of New York City. Distinct languages are widely spoken in the city. Almost 36% of the total population in the city was not born within United States.

Film market is one more location exactly where New York City plays a main part. In fact New york is the second biggest film hub in America. Getting one of the important industrial centers of America, New York sees a assortment of trade activities going on in and about.

For a person living in New York City, there is never ever a dull moment. The city is bustling with life and exciting activities take place all day extended. While a lot of men and women use vehicles to commute from place to spot, the public transport program right here is also quite handy and economical.