Information about Yandex Russian News

Yandex is a top Internet company primarily based in Russia and operates the most well-liked search engine. The internet site is the most visited internet site as of 2012 64% of all searches performed on the Web have been generated by Yandex. The business also operates in the Belarus, Kazakhstan and the Ukraine.

For those utilizing the World wide web for info, Yandex is definitely the site to access. Their mission, to answer any query a browser could have. The company has an comprehensive database of international, national and regional content material as effectively as a broad range of services.

Russia has lengthy been focused on an education of mathematics and engineering which Yandex has taken benefit of. The web site treats every user with the greatest respect and is committed to advancing technology constantly improving their World wide web service.

Proprietary algorithms are utilized to supply relevant final results and are presented in a hassle-free manner to the user. At the moment Yandex is servicing 1,400 cities. In March, 2011, the homepage attracted 24.7 million distinctive visitors.

Feeds from leading social networking internet sites such as Facebook, Vkontakte and Reside Journal are also incorporate in Yandex’s weblog search. Access to Yandex is supplied by means of many distinct devices such as tablets, mobile phones and personal computer systems.

Yandex depends on online marketing to create their revenues. Yandex also engages in delivering advertisements to third celebration sites. Yandex at the moment employs two,500 full time employees. The name Yandex mean “But Yet another Indexer”. Nevertheless, the firm has grow to be significantly much more than “just yet another indexer”. It is one of the leading search engines on the net.

Yandex has supplied the public a great advantage with tools such as their search platform which delivers search benefits primarily based on the user’s language preferences, Yandex’s antivirus base protection which protects Firefox 6. users, and their on-line translation services.

For the Net user, they are in a position to ask certain concerns via Yandex’s search box and get particular answers whether or not it existing news, targeted traffic reports, climate, Television schedules, well being, computer systems or what ever info they may be browsing for.

Yandex Russian News also puts back into the community by way of special projects such as their academic applications which provide scholarships and grants assisting to increase the number of students who are interested in search technologies. The winners of the grants obtain the funds to carry out their investigation projects. For scholarships, Yandex award eight scholarships in which the contestants share a single million rubles (approximately $ 37,000).

Yandex has a history that dates back more than 20 years and in 1997 officially launched. Given that then it has built into a multi million dollar firm and is a leader on the net and among its customers, delivering the latest in technologies, data and ease of use. Yandex fosters on innovation in search and marketing technologies. Yandex takes the challenges of the net such as difficulties in Net crawl and strives to bring vibrant, revolutionary tips and major technologies to improve and increase the production, delivering greater search experiences. For leading outcomes in the search engines, Yandex is definitely one particular of the very best and most informative search engines on the net.