Inner Mongolia Cashmere Brand Big But Not Strong

Recently, the State General Administration of Quality Supervision, Inspection and Quarantine announced the “2006 state inspection of products and manufacturers list”, which, cashmere garment industry a total of Zhejiang Huzhou m Cashmere Products Co., Ltd., Wong 13 enterprises related products won the national exemption product title . In recent years, Zhejiang has emerged a large number of cashmere garments such as rice Wong brands, become the Younger, Shanshan, good news birds, such as Zhuang Zhe School Kat Another picture after the clothing.

Reporter learned from the internal meter Huang, between just two months, rice Wong won two consecutive national honors, including the well-known trademarks in China in September were identified, and the title of the national exemption product. Before that, rice Wong sweater he has also earned the industry’s most competitive potential brand 50, Top Ten Influential Brands in China, and China’s environmental label products, and many other honors.

However, the development of Inner Mongolia cashmere industry, the favorable conditions so that our country has been the world’s cashmere, Chinese, China’s Inner Mongolia cashmere looking statement. So Che School cashmere relatively small in the natural advantages which the premise, how to send half of the world and Mongolia? M King may give us an answer.

Cashmere origin brand decline

Currently, annual sales income of over a million in Inner Mongolia’s cashmere processing companies have 58, including more than 100 million yuan in sales revenue of enterprises 8, emerged Ordos, King Deer, Zhaojun Cashmere dozen well-known brand. In recent years, Inner Mongolia, local governments have also increased the production of cashmere brand’s support for enterprises. Inner Mongolia Erdos Cashmere brand represented advantage by virtue of raw materials and improve the supporting environment, industry, mining cashmere thermal characteristics depend on the rapid occupation of China’s cashmere clothing market, once the market mainstream.

But the big but not strong brand has become an obstacle to the development of Inner Mongolia cashmere bottleneck. On the one hand, such as thermal underwear and down jackets to keep warm as a selling point of the clothing market has been eroding cashmere clothing, cashmere clothing to market competition and forced to engage in price wars; the other hand, as represented in meters Huang Zhejiang School in Cashmere upstart, with fashion style design and continuous product innovation on the Inner Mongolia cashmere brand caused great shock in the consumption habits are somewhat traditional and conservative northern market, Zhejiang School cashmere are among the main list.

Identify the market demand Zhejiang Brand from behind

Reporters who cover the apparel industry, a senior, the other side gave away the secret: clothes, as necessities of life, the key is to find a good reason to move consumers only defined from the thermal properties of cashmere clothing was clearly not enough clothing brand should strive to meet consumer spiritual pursuit, and then to psychological resonance.

Che School cashmere brand is firmly grasp the psychological needs of the consumer market, success was won. From the strict control of product quality to cashmere fashion, and finally a rich brand content, from selling products to marketing the brand, Zhejiang School cashmere clothing out of the sound of each step. Emperor Group chairman Wu Jinhai rice interview, cashmere clothing for the rise of Zhejiang School summed up three reasons: an accurate understanding of consumer needs is the first step, good product step, good brand is the first successful three steps. Through continuous product innovation, rice Wong cashmere fashion concept has been recognized by the market; in shaping the brand content, the rice Wong is working hard to build China’s urban fashion and elegant women’s quality of life, from physical and spiritual levels to provide consumers with dual Value enjoy.

Continuous innovation helps to enlarge and strengthen the brand of Zhejiang

The rapid rise of the Zhe School cashmere great relationship with marketing innovation, Zhejiang enterprises endowed with extraordinary creativity, courage to use unconventional mode of development, marked by the same company of Zhejiang School cashmere and fresh brand mark. When competitors diversified expansion, the Che School cashmere brands still adhere to the field; men and women in the overall take-all competition when differentiate Zhejiang School in brand marketing strategy adopted; in the competition by advertising marketing strategy, the Che School Brand in turn enabled the celebrity endorsement strategy; the rival concept of speculation, the Che School began a systematic public relations companies marketing strategy, all of which are represented in meters Wong and other innovative enterprises of Zhejiang School cashmere results.

Emperor Group chairman Wu Jinhai m m Huang cashmere never denied that success, he spoke to reporters: Emperor of the marketing concept meters had been in the forefront of national counterparts, rice Wong is the earliest research and development of cashmere fashion brand, or industry of the few systematic marketing of the brand into. Cashmere is Bingcheng Yong Zhe School continued innovation in the spirit of challenge, the birth of cashmere raw material out of the fate of the brand. South and the north, Zhejiang and Inner Mongolia cashmere enterprises in their own arena, show a different style. SABUNG AYAM