Insect Repellent Bands: The Latest Arm for Protection

Have you seen people wearing trendy and unique bands in their wrists nowadays? If you do, look closely and you will realize that these are not really ordinary bands, but these are insect repellent bands. Yes, this is the latest headline to hit the news today. Insect repellent bands!

If you are thinking that it is still safe and secure to wander around in a densely populated planet where you come across blood feeding insects as if they were the most ordinary thing to see and as if they are already a part of our daily lives, well think again. It is not a safe world we have out there.

Purchasing the new insect repellent band and having it as your guard against those fatal diseases is really something we have to consider and give our attention about. This is not something that we should take for neither granted nor give a second thought and doubts about. This is not hard to look for anyway; many online stores are now offering this band so buying one will not be a difficult task anymore.

Insect repellent bands are made with insect repellents inside them. For your info, an insect repellent is basically a substance that can prevent insects from landing over or getting near the surface where it is applied. Just by simply wearing the band, you will be able to drive insects away from getting near you or even climbing up on you.

They can usually be worn on your wrist or even your ankle. These may also be clipped to the seat belts of your car, to bikes, and to baby strollers. This Insect repellent band can help you chase away the insects plus more importantly so the illnesses and deadly diseases they carry and may pass on to us.

Insects such as mosquito, fly, and flea are usually the carriers of these diseases. The diseases that you can get because of these bites are plague, malaria, and dengue, among others. Insect resistant bands can mask using the human fragrance against bugs and this, thereby, will make them unable to find or locate any humans. Some of these repellents can also work using fragrances that insects repel or would not dare to get near to.

These bands are available in many different types. First, you can go naturally, then you may also opt to choose synthetic bands for their extended effect. However, several natural insect repellent bands can also provide you with great relaxing relief.

Insect repellent bands can also come in natural way. They are now being made out of naturally occurring ingredients which could repel away some of the insects. A few of these substances behave as insecticides too thus preventing insects from biting you or buzzing around you.

Some of the substances used to make these natural insect repellent bands are eucalyptus oil, peppermint, tea tree, cinnamon, neem oil, garlic, castor oil, and others. Several of these repellents are to be more effective as fighters with mosquitoes that are a usual find in all places nowadays and could really cause lethal diseases as well.

But then you also need to be cautious about the fact that these natural insect repellent bands are usually to be effective for only just a short period of time. However, this varies while using different brand and sometimes, it also depends on even the companies you are buying them from. Most of the natural repellents are not that effective as compared with the synthetic brands.

The natural bands may not last longer too, not longer than 5 days, to be exact. However, for the time they are stuck with you, they will work well. The necessity for replacement is the main reason why natural repellent bands are not excellent options. Nevertheless, if you will come to know the harmful results of those powerful synthetic bands, I am sure you would not mind spending often and applying as often as you can. Anyway, safety should always come first, right?