Installing Window Blinds: Tools for the Do It Yourselfer

Home decorating is one of the most fulfilling forms of self-expression. Not only do you get to be creative, but you also get to enjoy the fruits of your creative expression every day! Designing and creating beautiful window treatments that express your idea of beauty is one of the most powerful ways to make a big impression in your home.

Some window blinds products are sold as raw materials that you can craft into your own unique creations. Going this route requires more time and more patience than buying pre-existing window blinds. Some brands of window blinds are designed to serve the needs of homeowners who want full control over creativity. Some online blinds retailers offer applications that allow you to virtually ‘try out’ lots of different looks until you find the combination that feels right.

Starting from scratch by designing and creating your own window blinds is also great for those who have unusual window sizes and shapes. Oftentimes, there are no packaged window shades to fit these unusual places.

By choosing to design from scratch, you can take your pick of interesting and novel styles in the industry or go with more classic designs. Many do it yourselfers often want to try exciting and unusual decorating ideas and want a broader range of choices. Others are copying a traditional style out of a magazine and want more conventional options.

Prepackaged Blinds and Window Shades that Offer Room for Creativity

Some homeowners can create a concept but either can’t or don’t want to do the installation themselves. Others might enjoy the labor but don’t have the creative flair to create their own decor.

Some name brands of blinds offer a many tips and resources on their sites for shoppers who want more direction in either the creative or technical sense. It’s a smart idea to do as much reading and learning as possible before starting a blinds project. Though installing blinds may seem like a simple task, there are quite a few ‘tricks of the trade’ that can make the job dramatically simpler.

Get Creative!

Not only can you get creative with different styles such as cellular shades, Roman shades, and wood blinds, you can also get creative with accessories. Many consumers aren’t aware of the wide range of accessories because their homes come with standard, basic blinds. Accessories such as remote lifting and touch lifting make blinds trendy and fun to use.

Whether you decide to create your own unique styles of window blinds yourself or start with pre-made blinds, there are plenty of online tools to help you design the perfect window treatments.
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