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: With the winter
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Really looks like, Little Swan, Midea, Rongshida washing machines and other domestic brands are launching all kinds of “warm winter” promotion, especially in the drum and high-end
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Area, the product lineup and offers unprecedented intensity measures, generally welcomed by consumers, but also to the long-term high-end washing machine market holds enormous pressure on foreign brands. Little Swan washing machine market leader, said this winter season to win promotion battle, Little Swan has launched a variety of targeted water saving, energy saving, high wash washing machine to seize the season than the market, the current 20 models clothing promise end
Washing Machine
Has fully into the market is bound to exquisite appearance and excellent quality of a washing machine market, selling products this winter.

Domestic brands made high-end market power

In Western developed countries, large capacity,
High cleaning and other functions has become a high-end washing machine hot consumer. In the domestic market, although the product mix and sales volume are still the main pulsator, but in recent years, especially high-end washing machine washing machine drum steady volume growth, market share constantly pulled up. Brand structure, while foreign brands have an advantage in high-end market, but with the Little Swan, Midea and other domestic brands in technology innovation, product upgrades, such as continuous quality improvement, power and market structure is undergoing significant change. According to consumer research center of China’s Internet data, in October 2009 China top ten most users concern the distribution results in the washing machine brands, domestic brands account for 60% share of attention from, far more than foreign brands.

In fact, the domestic brands have long been in the washing machine layout of high-end market, increased to high-end washing machine drum dominated the field of investment, to enhance the right to speak at the high end market. As early as August 2007, Little Swan had moved the release of 11 high-capacity suits the net Snow Bo series drum washing machines, washing than can reach the industry leading 1.18, aroused strong concern the market, launched the follow-up series and refined slim series become a strong market power roller. September 2009, Little Swan has launched 10Kg heavy clothing Nuobifoli series large capacity drum, priced up to more than 10,000, as against foreign brands on behalf of domestic high-end washing machine. At the same time, the industry while the U.S. force launched Itsunao dry one drum washing machine, drying with ADO intelligent, A48 quick wash, high-temperature sterilization technology and some other columns to become a leading fashion industry representatives healthy washing machine.

Little Swan Washing Machine (
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Industry analysis, with the high-end market, increased competition, new product development, market-based rate and market acceptance, more and more as a measure of the importance of washing their overall strength index. In this process, small swan national brands represented in the product lineup, performance, design, quality protection, easier access to consumers, and thus more competitive with the market.

Washing machine drum into a focus of competition

The PRC, according to retail data company, in October 2009, the drum washing machine proportion reached 42% share of retail sales, retail sales rose more than 64.4%, and showed continued to rise. From January to October this year, drum washing machine
The amount of washing machine sales have accounted for 39.4% of the total amount. Analysts said that by efficient and sophisticated modern lifestyle appeal, consumers advanced, fashionable pursuit, accelerating the pace of development of high-end washing machine expansion. Industry experts also pointed out that the washing machine’s high-end technology platform, market competition is based on the competition, especially in the drum washing machine, new products, new technology continues to introduce new high-end market competition is accelerating the upgrading and progress.

“A huge R & D support, continuous technology innovation, quality inspection for many years overseas markets has become a fat edge Little Swan Washing Machine confidence in the market where high-end, the current series of Little Swan Washing Machine clothing promise has received good market response , the next will make available large capacity, large windows, super clean the rollers of degree, so that Little Swan Washing Machine really take advantage of market position. “Little Swan Washing Machine R & D person in charge. Market has proved all of this, the PRC, according to the latest data show that Little Swan drum washing machine market share in retail sales from January 2009 the first 9 to 10 months rose a strong 4th place, the speed of growth that the industry shock.

Addition to Little Swan, this year in September, Haier has introduced its “Se double-balanced ring technology” Casa Imperial drum washing machine, claiming that the design for high-end consumers, active distribution of high-end washing machine market.

Market observers believe that domestic brands have made power roller products, is bound to Jiaore high-end washing machine market. After 2010, the high-end washing machine or the competitive landscape will change, long-entrenched high-end market, foreign brands, domestic brands will be under the impact of exercise to fight, put on a new “Chu and Han hegemony.” SABUNG AYAM