Interesting Ideas For Chicken Preparations

We all know that eating healthy, lean meat is good for us so thank goodness for chicken and other poultry.

Many of our favorite dishes include chicken. It is packed with protein to keep us healthy and very low in fat.

Although a lot of people think that chicken is very boring and find it rather dry, I’ve personally never found this as I tend to make a lot of different dishes and include various ingredients so that even if I had chicken every day it would always taste different.

Don’t make the mistake of not making the effort to experiment, so many of us have ended up loathing a food that was once a firm favorite. By leaving out Chicken and eating other meats instead is increasing your calorie and fat intake which is never a good idea.

So if you are starting to get bored with your Chicken, try these dishes and you will soon love it again. All these recipes are very simple to make and are extremely healthy, so you needn’t worry that you are increasing your calories.

The first suggestion is to add a low fat sauce to your chicken. My family love a sauce made from honey and orange juice, with some dried fruit added for extra sweetness. This is very simple to make and thoroughly delicious.

Bring a boring chicken salad to life by adding a low fat dressing and tarragon to create a tasty and satisfying dish. Low fat varieties of soured cream or mayonnaise can give this dish richness while still keeping it healthy.

Practically anything goes with chicken as it hasn’t got the overpowering flavor of other meats. Try it with coconut, lime and peas to create a very tasty dish. Any kind of vegetables and fruit goes with chicken so get into the kitchen and start inventing.
Sabung Ayam
Storytime: Chicken Licken

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Sabung Ayam