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12 31 morning news, the market enthusiastically participated in the
Internet TV Is facing an embarrassing predicament, one color TV enterprises to promote up enthusiasm, on the other hand, to provide content for the Internet TV network

Service Business has remained silent about. Experts said that these two attitudes have economic interests behind the drive.

Enthusiasm TV business This year’s Internet TV has been growing controversy. To the end of this year, almost all front-line domestic brands began coincidentally with greater strength.

TCL Announced the shutdown in mid-November more than 40-inch non-Internet TV; a month later, Changhong announced that it will stop production next year, a comprehensive 32-inch and above its non-Internet TV.

Konka Followed by claims of its Internet TV sales in 2010 to 3.5 million units, the overall sales of its TV over 60%. Number of TV companies have said the feature will be the next Internet

Flat Panel TV Standard configuration. As a TV company executives said, the domestic color TV manufacturers, Internet TV is undoubtedly the greatest good. On the one hand, rapid domestic development of the Internet, television and the Internet will bring greater integration of consumer stimulus; the other hand, by operators such as restrictions on foreign-branded Internet TV is still difficult to grow in the domestic market.

Apart from these reasons, the TV business a greater driving force for higher profits from Internet TV. Sina Technology

States United States , Suning and other home appliance chain stores found that Internet-enabled TV with the same general specifications than the price of higher non-Internet TV from 2000 to 3,000 yuan. According to high-definition player in a particular enterprise managers said that the hard drive can also play high-definition video file player sells for several hundred dollars.

Video service providers secrecy Group Dance with color TV enterprises in stark contrast to the provision of video content operators such as Thunder, PPS, etc. it appears cautious.

Thunder COO Lo told Sina science and technology to connect the people had said that the Thunder color TV manufacturers currently only available technology platforms, such as TCL, etc., that chip implanted in the television video downloads, on-demand technology module, and content from TV manufacturers their operations. Romania Internet TV content operations, said the people must first obtain a permit radio and television sector, followed by non-PC digital devices also face copyright issue. “Radio and Television Department will shortly open Internet TV content licensing operations.” Luo said the people.

For some TV manufacturers use to watch as the PPS Network TV
Sell Gimmicks, PPS has pledged to launch activism will not only TV manufacturers to resort to tort law, and said prior to the December 18 mandatory software upgrade PPStream, when TV manufacturers will not be able to use the Internet TV product PPStream service. As early as September this year, PPS is released to the public statement that non-PC devices has never been to the manufacturer authorized to use its PPStream TV content.

States SARFT Development Research Center Board in early December 23 sent gave exclusive articles Sina Technology, said the Internet TV production and sales were treated with Internet TV service, Internet TV service must have the “TV audio and video programs for the receiving terminal Integrated operational services “qualified operating agency operations.

Thunder, PPS are currently no such qualification, which is the main reason the two remain cautious. This will result in the Internet TV is purely the table, serious off drinking situation.

Behind Game Internet TV is now the situation is clearly the result of games between the interests of all parties.

Content copyright of course, can not avoid the topic. Copyright does not regulate Internet content of the introduction of television terminals, the content industry will be the first to be hit hard. SABUNG AYAM