Invacare Wheelchair Parts – Knowing When to Replace Your Wheelchair Parts

If you are a wheelchair user, or know someone who is, there have undoubtedly been times when your wheelchair has just not “acted right”. You may have wondered if you were going to need to replace any parts, or have your chair repaired. The good news is that many Invacare wheelchair parts are readily available and often simple replacement of a part can fix your problem quickly and easily.

But how do you know if you need to replace any of your wheelchair parts? There are some common problems that you may experience that can be directly related to faulty wheelchair parts. Many affect the movement of the chair itself, and others can create safety issues if not taken care of. You may need to replace some of your wheelchair parts if any of the following are occurring:

* If your chair has a tendency to tip over backwards, you might have broken or unused anti-tippers, an incorrectly installed seating system, or possibly a bent frame.
* A wheelchair that does not fold may also have a bent frame.
* If the wheel locks do not function correctly, the hardware may be loose, the wheel locks may be broken, or the tires may be worn.
* A wheelchair that is hard to push or move may have flat pneumatic tires, a bent frame, or misaligned wheel axles.

Problems with your wheelchair do not necessarily mean an expensive visit to the repair shop. Many Invacare wheelchair parts are easily obtained online and can be replaced on your own without any difficulty. But before you ever get to the point of needing to repair your Invacare wheelchair, become familiar with all that your chair does as well as each of the various parts, research where you can obtain replacement parts easily and safely, and then follow the recommended wheelchair maintenance process recommended by Invacare. Then, if/when your wheelchair is not performing as it should, you will be prepared to easily obtain parts and probably make the repair yourself.