iPhone 4 study claims phone high on durability, susceptible to massive damage

iPhone 4 claims of being the most durable Smartphone available have been circulating the internet news space for a long time. Several studies have been conducted to prove its durability as compared to its competitors. However durability while using the phone is not the only aspect that needs to be considered. A recently conducted study claims that while Apple’s godsend is one of the more durable phones around, a drop could cause maximum damage to the iPhone 4 as compared to other Smartphones. This susceptibility to damage has posed a concern for users who are most likely to drop the phone. Any user who has owned a phone for some time will definitely agree that dropping a phone or hitting it against a hard surface is common.

iPhone 4 owners definitely have a cause for concern when it comes to the protection of their phone. In such a case, iPhone 4 accessories will prove to be highly beneficial to increase the durability of the phone. iPhone 4 cases and iPhone Faceplates are some common accessories that users can avail of to protect their phone from irreparable damage. iPhone 4 accessories like iPhone Faceplates provide a hard plastic covering for the phone which is an ideal tool for protecting it against drops. The material of these iPhone 4 cases is hard enough to endure the damage of a drop or contact against a harder surface. One of the most attractive things about Faceplates is that they come in a variety of designs and colors which can also be a great tool for personalizing the phone.

Other than iPhone faceplates there are several other iPhone 4 accessories that provide users with the benefit of protection. Leather and Silicon iPhone 4 cases are of a softer material and are capable of absorbing shock in case of accidental drops. With the lack of durability against accidental drops users should ideally invest in a cover of their choice to prolong the life of their phone.