Is Al Gore Running For President?

Al Gore is back in the news. He won an award for his documentary of Global Warming and its affects. The scientists in the field are trying to get Gore to stop talking and stop stretching the truth. Meteorologists are even saying the global warming tactics are bordering on fear mongering. Let’s just call a spade a spade, he’s generating publicity to make a run for the White House.

Why else would he be bellowing on this tune about Global Warming so intensely? Most free thinking people who show any signs of intelligence knows that Global Warming isn’t real. If you think it’s real, then wait for me on a winter morning to come out of my house and drive around the block in your SUV to warm me up. See how silly it is? I’m glad you do.

Al Gore is wanting to be President. He always has. He ended up serving as Vice President for Bill Clinton and it’s debatable whether or not he done a good job. The fact remains he wants to be President. He feels that he’s been cheated out of the White House since the election in 2000. There are an infinite amount of lefties who would contribute to this theory.

Al Gore has a really good shot in 2008 if he runs. Now, I’m not an Al Gore supporter, in case you haven’t noticed. I’m a hard core Republican, but I can see a tight race in the future if Al Gore gets into the mix. Hillary Clinton is too polarizing, Obama doesn’t have the experience, and Joseph Biden doesn’t have a chance.

Al Gore is the only real candidate who has a real shot of winning the White House race. He has the experience and he has name recognition. The same people who voted for him in 2000, will vote for him again. Replay the election in your mind to see how close that one was. Al Gore is the dominant party in this and some would say he’s the wild card. He doesn’t want to get involved too early and risk being phased out. People could get really tired of him in a hurry. He could be the one who paints the White House blue again.

Do yourself a favor and vote Red in ’08!