Is Cuba Safe for Solo Female Travellers?

If you are staying in your Cuba vacation rental as a lone traveller, you will want to know if it is safe to go out. Will you be able to go out alone after dark? The answer is yes; it is safe to travel as a solo female in Cuba, if not safer,than many other countries around the world.

Obviously the usual things should be considered, don’t carry large amounts of money with you, keep valuables like jewellery, cameras etc to a minimum and out of sight. This is just common sense, if you ask taxi drivers to wait until you are safely back inside your Cuba accommodation and other service providersto keep an eye out for you they usually will.

One word of wisdom is keep an eye out for the Jinetero’s. These are people who make money from tourists (often by offering sex) so as long as you keep saying no, that you are not interested and don’t engage in long conversations you should be ok.

It’s fair to say local bars and nightclubs will be full of Cuban men looking for love, if you don’t want the hassle then try the outdoor venues instead. As there will be hundreds of people around you are less likely to be targeted as a single woman, you may even meet groups of other travellers who you have lots in common with and can join in with their crowd.

If you are travelling solo around Cuba between cities, try to take the public transport such as the local buses or the Hershey train, it may take longer than hitching but it’s a safer way for female travellers to get around.

The most important thing to remember is that if you are planning to rent a villa in Havana don’t be put off because you are travelling alone, there are many women who do visit Cuba on their own and don’t feel threatened in the slightest. Keep your money and passport safe, don’t flash your belongings and always eat or drink where its busy and other people are around – and most of all don’t worry, you will have a great time!
Sabung Ayam
Top Greatest Guitar Solos In Rock History

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-Burn – Deep Purple
-Bohemian Rhapsody – Queen
-November Rain – Guns N’ Roses
-Sultans of Swing – Dire Strait
-Hold on – Kansas
-Something – The Beatles
-Hotel California – The Eagles

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