Is Mandua a Network Marketing Company That Can Honestly Create Residual Income ?

You’ve heard about the Manudra scam, no doubt . I’d like to let you know I believe there to be no scam with this company.

It appears that the folks discussing something fishy with Manudra are pointing out that the company is just a new one offering fruit-based nutritional supplements. Although it is accurate that there are a number of other MLM companies of this description, professing a brand new one a con seems a tad harsh to me.

This business is clearly as sound as the rest, has a decent compensation design, and quality products that are helping individuals with all kinds of health benefits.

Mandura is a MLM program that’s raiding the market. It has a superior health drink and an innovative, powerful straight line forced matrix, but how does the reality live up to those promises?. Mandura presently offers 2 product lines – the Mandura drink and Mandura Trim, a weight loss product. The beverage uses their proprietary mix of antioxident fruits to create a distinctive health product. Mandura Trim works to bring down leptin (the switch that tells your body to stock up fat) levels. “Mandura Trim gives you the tools to work with your body and your metabolism to lose weight and get healthy once and for all. ” This, in concert with a good diet, helps your body to burn the fat your cells are storing.

Although there are many “competitors” in the ‘health drink’ category, every one has been based on a single fruit. Mandura combines 4 exotic fruits: north american blueberry, acai berry, mangosteen, and the durian from around the world, to design a powerful healthy mix that isn’t obtainable anywhere.

As an expert in MLM marketing techniques as well as technologies, I perceive the Manudra scam chatter for what it really is…people get puffed up on the potential of network marketing, sign up, fail and think there is something unethical with the whole industry.

In truthfulness, what causes most people to achieve less than stellar success in multi-level marketing has a great deal more to do with the individual than it does the company. A large amount of people don’t like to be made aware this but it’s real.

You understand, one of the vital componants in MLM achievement is recruiting a downline. A secret to recruiting well is how advanced your own growth and leadership skills are. There’s a crystal-clear ratio between volume and superiority of group built with how well the individual building that group operates as a leader.

When a someone joins your Manudra organization, they want to understand that you can direct them to their own personal “promise land”. They need you to give them the guidance on what it in fact takes to make a strong residual income.

The best way to perform this is to plainly plug your new recruits into a tried and true marketing structure. Ideally, this must be a marketing system that simply transforms each person using it into a marketing and advertising “genius”.

Though this may seem daunting to you at the moment, understand that there are online marketing systems that you and your downline can sign up. These systems provide all the education on how to set up the appropriate landing pages and websites that attract folks already interested in network marketing.

These folks are looking for leaders. If perhaps you and your team undoubtedly show them how they can plug into your Internet marketing system, any talk of a Manudra scam will die out as you and your team dominate while creating excellent residual income streams.
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