Is Stream Direct A Scam Or a Legit Service?

I want to to share my review of an innovative Satellite television to PC platform which I fairly recently picked up called Stream Direct TV. Not surprisingly, what makes Stream Direct and various other software similar to it so popular is their promise to deliver a huge number of channels for a minimal one time charge and this is the selling feature , in the end, pulled me in. However, even though I was committed to giving it a go, I still heard this little voice inside my head which kept on wondering — Is Stream Direct a Scam?

By way of background, I’d been pretty unhappy with my local cable company because my premiums seemed to be increasing at an alarming rate but, if anything, the caliber of the entertainment was dropping. As a result of my disillusionment, I started trying to find alternative TV services.

I spent a considerable amount of time looking at different options and, after much deliberation, I narrowed my choices down to 2 contenders – Stream Direct and a new product called Satellite Soft. These two products provided much the same service but I decided to go with Stream Direct as it had received slightly better reviews and featured a more expansive selection of programming.

After confirming my registration by entering the purchase code into the launch screen, I was good to go and watching satellite tv.

The picture and audio quality are both excellent.

The video streamed without difficulty and was clean and when I linked it iin to my multichannel audio receiver, the movies and music channels sounded awesome.

There is certainly much more programming than I could ever hope to get around to watching with channels from all over North America, the UK, Europe and elsewhere. Regardless of what your passions are – movie channels, sporting events, news, cooking, kid’s programming, you will not be unhappy with the number and quality of your viewing choices.

After having used the product for nearly 2 weeks, I’m able to say that I don’t have any complaints and definitely feel like Stream Direct has definitely given me more than my money’s worth. I have not had any kind of problems with it, the quality is great and I would certainly suggest this product to anyone who’s thinking about a substitute for cable or ordinary satellite TV.

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Stream Direct Scam

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