Is the Canadian Medical System All That?

People looking in from other countries admire and envy our Medicare system. Sometimes the grass seems greener on the other side. Even though each Canadian citizen is entitled to be given medical attention does not always mean they receive it. There are not enough physicians to care for everyone; therefore many individuals can not obtain their own family doctor. The system is setup for the family doctor to examine, then if needed give a referral to a specialist. No family doctor, no referral, no specialist, and no treatment.

Just as a sidebar the Canadian medical system does not include dentistry, chiropractors, physiotherapists, and prescriptions are reduced only for the elderly. Therefore most Canadians must take out additional medical insurance.

Our emergency rooms happen to be a world of their own. The nurses and doctors are generally very nice, but under staffed with usually only one emergency doctor on duty for the whole ward. If you are there for what they consider not to be a life threatening illness, then be prepared to wait between four to six hours to be called in. At which time if you are lucky enough to get a room hang tough for anther thirty minutes to one hour to be seen. Many people are put on portable beds in the hallways waiting to be examined due to lack of space. Where is the dignity for someone in tremendous pain seen suffering by everyone?

I have heard of people with serious diseases requiring immediate treatment waiting months to receive it, and sometimes it is just too late. Our technology is also behind the times when it comes to updated equipment. If it was not for the generosity of wealthy residents many local hospitals would not have M.I.R. machines or other important machinery.

As a child I remember my parents purchasing medical insurance because there was no such system in place. Many Canadians today are resorting to paying private clinics to avoid further complications with their conditions.

I am from the old school thinking if you are going to do something then do it right, or not at all. Every Government who is elected promises to make changes to better the system, and so far none have really made any impact at all.

Canadians are good people, but in many ways we talk instead of act. It is our duty as citizens to insist our elected officials be responsible to fulfill their obligations. A huge part of that is insuring our well being, and providing our doctors and nurses with the resources to supply us with excellent care, or we can simply going back to a system with self insurance, guaranteeing our health needs will be met. If they eliminated our medical tax contribution would the difference in self insurance be so significantly higher?